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We believe in tracking everything. How?

1st-party tracking

Offer 1st-party tracking to your clients to increase tracking accuracy and avoid potential ad-blocking


Flexible tracking

Easily integrate our tracking into all major tracking systems (DoubleClick, etc) via a variety of features built to ensure compatibility

Click filters

Control CPC quality by setting up time-based or location-based click filtering

On-page tracking

Manage your tracking integrations across your client’s website using our UI-based container tag solution

Offline to online & cross-device tracking

With our progressive attribution functionality, you can track your customers offline and online, as well as across devices


Tracking switch

Implement Ingenious as your leading tracking system to benefit from our cutting-edge functionalities across all of your marketing integrations

3rd-party pixel firing

Integrate other systems faster by using our UI-configurable 3rd-party pixel firing (browser-side and server-side)

We believe in making clients happy. How?

Automated dashboards

Stay on top of your clients’ performance with real-time dashboards configured to display your desired KPIs


Check the overall performance of your client portfolio, across all brands and markets, easily in one go

Client-specific access

Provide each client with a dedicated interface showing only the data they have been given access to

Rights & roles

Ensure the right people get access to the right data and functionality, cutting out anything unnecessary

One client management platform

Consolidate and manage all of your clients within one platform, enabling you to work efficiently

Technical support

As standard we provide advanced product support for those times when you need a helping hand

We believe your brand comes first. How?

Full white-label

Fully customise the platform in your own branding to make it truly yours

1st-party domains

Provide your clients with login URLs that are run over your 1st-party domain


Customisable finance templates

Customise your billing documents to your look and feel and with your desired financial information

Branded communication

Send newsletters to partners via your (or your clients’) email server, retaining the desired branding throughout all interactions

We believe understanding the customer is king. How?


Conversion targets

Using commercial and analytical triggers, you can model the relevant interactions to measure success

Customer journey analytics

Provide deep customer insight by diving into macro and micro customer journeys, identifying patterns, and optimising channel overlaps

Channel and device analytics

Understand the marketing mix and customer device behaviour to deliver effective results


Real-time attribution & deduplication

Provide clarity of all marketing activities by modelling the interactions that you define as important

We believe finance should be easy. How?

Commission management

Highly flexible and versatile commission management to satisfy any payment structure your client may desire


Billing run management

Easily manage billing runs (regardless of the number of clients) with just a few clicks

Cloud-based document storage

All of your generated financial documents are stored safely and securely in the cloud


100% GAAP-compliance

Control your financial processes in a GAAP-compliant manner

Payment flexibility

A variety of billing modes provided (e.g. pre or postpayment) to match your finance team’s desired billing process

International capability

Tailor your financial documents currencies, tax systems, languages) to the relevant markets you offer your services in

We believe technology should save you time. How?


Automated data transfer across systems

Make data compatible and automate transfer between differing systems by defining rules and translations that are executed in real-time


Automated validation

We provide a variety of automations to free you from low value manual validation work. We believe your time can be better spent.


Deepen your client integration by providing them your 1st-party API, so they can automate their workflows into your marketing processes

Real-time deduplication

Automatically deduplicate with our sophisticated tracking switch so you don’t have to do it manually ever again

With Ingenious, you benefit from…


Single source of truth

Ingenious is built to be your leading system, structuring and consolidating data from all external providers, making it ready for analysis.


Data accuracy

We track everything, so you can provide your clients granular data-driven insights, even down to raw data analysis, all with no data sampling applied.

Cost saving

We charge monthly based on your product usage, not your business results.

Time saving

We provide various automations so you can manage your accounts with ease

Control over your data

You can organise your tracked data and consolidate it according to your desired data structure and your clients’ KPIs.

Fully comprehensive solution

We cover all your needs from providing a publisher interface all the way down to storing your financial documents.

Serviced by industry experts

Our team consists of online marketing professionals bringing many years of varied experience to the table.

Cloud native infrastructure

With our Google Cloud Partnership, we deliver you security and reliability of the highest standards.

Hear it from our clients

“We have done our research and could not find a comparable comprehensive solution. Since we started using Ingenious Enterprise, we have saved 30% of our time, which is now invested in sales and other services."

Jan Fastenrath

CEO, 24-ADS GmbH

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