Billing and Accounting

Automate all your booking and payment processes for the management of your advertisers and partners in a closed, safe and GAAP-compliant system.

Automation of all booking, billing and payment processes

Automate all your booking, billing and payment processes for the easy and efficient management of your partners.

Billing & Accounting - Automation
Billing & Accounting - Finance Reports

Comprehensive finance reports

Understanding and analyzing the financial statements of your business is essential for the success of your company. Access all relevant financial information you need with Ingenious Enterprise to always be able to make the right key decisions.

Get the full picture of your business activities and take action at the right time and the right place for a sustainable revenue growth.

Documentation of all processes

Process documentation helps you to gain full transparency across your daily business operations. With Ingenious Enterprise, you can record and document every step of the way automatically.

Billing & Accounting - Process Documentation
Billing & Accounting - Mass Payment

Mass payment with just one click

Group your transactions and pay all of your partners at one go with our mass payment solution. It is easy to use, saves you plenty of time and guarantees satisfied business partners.

100% GAAP-compliant accounting records

Financial accounting information must be assembled and reported objectively. Ingenious Enterprise provides you with accurate and consistent financial reports based on the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) for essential insights into the inner workings of your company.

Billing & Accounting - GAAP

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