With a blink of an eye, it’s the end of another year.

This time last year, we decided to hold a charity auction within the company, where we collected a list of activities for our colleagues to bid for, and the money collected went to a charity of our choice.

These activities have been meant to be brainstormed and provided by the colleagues for the colleagues. A lovely idea. We thought we’d share with you some of the activities that have taken place!


Renaming meeting rooms

This is a funny story. Our meeting rooms were called “Puerta del Sol” and “Checkpoint Charlie” to represent meeting points in Madrid and Berlin. Since they have become rather dated, one of the activity to be auctioned off was the grand opportunity to rename these rooms.

Despite being the winner of the bid and thereby the decision-maker, Frank decided to put up a poll so that we could democratically vote for the one that we liked. There were some really interesting suggestions like “Starsky” and “Hutch”, which almost made it to the top. “Hollywood” and “Bollywood” eventually emerged champion and our meeting rooms have since then be named as such!

Frank Schmidt - Renaming meeting rooms



Movie date

As a movie buff, our CFO Alex offered a movie date with him as an activity to be auctioned off. The highest bidder was Gijsbert, who was then invited by Alex to watch the film “Logan”. That was going to be an interesting evening.

It started with the Marvel enthusiast giving Gijsbert a brief introduction of its cinematic timeline and theories, and ended with a drink at a bar in Potsdamer Platz area before calling it a night. The movie date became a great bonding session to know each other. Awww…


Munich city tour

Our colleague Anke is a rockstar. For several years now, she spends half her time at home in Munich with her loving family, and the other half with her Ingenious family in Berlin. We know how exhausting that commute can be.

Her offer was a sightseeing tour in Munich and a visit to the beer garden. The winner of this bid was me (Swee). I travelled a day early to work with her from her home office. Over the weekends, I not only got a nice tour around the city and Schloss Nymphenburg, I also got to know her lovely family a little better!


Your own caricature

Our creative master Mira offered her artistic skills in the next one. You must know that with Mira, it is impossible to have anything ugly. She perfects everything she does so that everything she produces looks amazing. For the auction, she offered to draw a caricature of the highest bidder.

The highest bid went to our long-time stakeholder and present supervisory board member Mario Brockmann! This was the amazing outcome.


Personalized music mix

Our passionate DJ, music critic & COO Robert offered to create a mixed tape specially put together for the highest bidder. Since partners were invited to this auction, Mira’s husband, Andreas, emerged the highest bidder!

The result is an 85 minutes long DJ mix called “RUNNING MAN”, made up of 19 deep house and techno tracks. The cover shows an edited still from the intro sequence of the 1987 Hollywood blockbuster “Running Man” with Arnold Schwarzenegger. (By the way, if you’d like to support his mix, you can also buy a digital copy of RUNNING MAN on Beatport.)


It’s fun to look back and reflect on what has happened through the year. It was of course always important for us to stick together as a team and help one another grow. We hope this has inspired you in some way too!