Dmexco was once again a hotspot for the digital marketing industry.  This year Dmexco recorded a total of around 1000 exhibitors from 40 countries, more than 600 speakers and around 40,000 visitors. Under the theme “Trust in You”, digital experts and decision-makers from all over the world discussed the central topic of trust in the digital economy.

After this year’s DMEXCO, it is also clear that at least two recommendations were absolutely right: Wear comfortable shoes and stay true to your branding.

As you can see, we took this even a step further and decided to go all in on red. 

Takeaway #1: The User at the forefront of technology trends

Anyone taking a walk through the Exhibition Halls will encounter some familiar themes: Augmented Reality continues to delight visitors who play with VR glasses or invoke shoes into virtual space through apps on the tablet. The topic of AI remains relevant, even if it is harder to grasp than glasses – and this year, too, solution providers presented their platforms for marketing automation. 

Personalization continues to play a dominant role. Still – or perhaps because of the GDPR? The main focus is how businesses can individualize experiences while respecting the user privacy. 

In terms of Affiliate Marketing we can see this clearly translates into a necessity for platform economy. Loyal partners and customers are brought in-house to further strengthen partnerships. Ingenious offers a platform to directly manage your cooperations whilst providing transparent access to their information.

Takeaway #2: ITP – one of the big topics on the DMEXCO 2019 

Earlier this year, in April 2019, Apple announced ITP 2.2, another update of its Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP)Since the introduction of ITP, Apple has increasingly defended itself against cookies by reducing the cookie runtime with each new version. ITP 2.2 now reaches a new peak and shortens the cookie window to one day. 

However this issue is not only affecting tracking conversions on Safari. Google’s Parallel Tracking and Mozilla’s Enhanced Tracking Protection result in similar problems. ITP 2.2 and Firefox Enhanced Tracking Protection can potentially lead to over 30% loss in conversion tracking. 

For Ingenious customers, however, this update should not cause any major problems. The combination of our first-party cookie tracking and server-to-server (S2S) tracking ensures that no transaction is lost. 

If you want to know more about ITP and it’s impact, we got you covered with our article “What is ITP and why you are covered with Ingenious”.

Takeaway #3: Programmatic Advertising = Real Time Advertising

For months PA or Programmatic advertising is considered a key aspect of the future in the online industry. At the same time many marketing professionals are still not clear, what Programmatic Advertising actually can – and what not. 

Programmatic advertising refers to the fully automatic purchase and sale of advertising space in real time. Software decides for us when and where to buy ads, depending on the transaction model. Any amount of data can flow into this decision via a so-called data management platform (DMP). For example, ad spaces can be booked depending on user interests or geographical characteristics. The entire process, from the sender of the order (Demand Side Platform/DSP) to the receiver (Sell Side Platform/SSP) is handled automatically within technology platforms.

Did you miss us at DMEXCO? Don’t worry – you can get in touch with us directly.

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