In today’s employee spotlight, we find out more about our Head of Product Management, Mitun Pandey!

Mitun (pronounced like kitten but with an M!) joined the company just seven months ago but he is already an integral part of the team. With a background in sales, Mitun brings a fresh perspective to product development and always questions the value that each product feature brings to our clients’ marketing processes.

Highly organized, punctual and orderly, one could’ve thought him to be German. Instead, he is born and raised in London and brings a new sense of humour, usually sarcasm, to the office. Outside of work, he is an avid travel backpacker and a great listening ear.

In our interview with him, we learn more about his role and what he perceives as the challenges of the industry.

Meet Mitun!


Hi Mitun, what do you do as Head of Product Management?

Along with my team, we strive to deliver true value to our clients (internal and external) by going past the “I need this feature” mentality and into the realm of “I am trying to achieve XYZ”. We do this through close working relationships with our clients, involving them through all stages of the typical product development cycle to ensure we deliver something that really fulfils their goals.


What can we expect in the next steps of your product roadmap?

Good question, our roadmap is very dynamic so that we can take advantage of opportunities as quickly as possible. Right now, we have clear focus on certain strategic topics, such as BETA testing our API. You can expect features that make your life easier or help you achieve your marketing aims! Make sure to check our Product newsletter to get the latest information on our developments or contact us on if you are interested in more information.


What do you think are the biggest challenges working in the B2B tech industry?

The MarTech ecosystem is so vast, dynamic and full of big established players. As such I feel there is a lot of “noise” in the industry and delivering a clear value proposition that stands out from that noise is one of the biggest challenges for all MarTech companies.


You used to be in Sales. What made you decide to go into Product Management?

I wanted to be more involved in fixing problems. Throughout my sales experience, I kept using existing tools to solve problems but this wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to be involved in actually developing those tools! There is nothing more satisfying then delivering something that makes people’s lives easier or better, that stands true for my personal life as well as professional.


How would you compare living in London and Berlin?

I’m from London so I am sure I take it for granted. I think London has more ambient pressure, both cities are fast paced and offer everything you might want…. but I’m able to relax much more in Berlin than London.


You’re a very sporty person. Which is your favourite sport and why?

I love swimming because once you’re under the water its feels like a different world. My mind settles and that world feels serene. The worst is when you go to a pool and its full of people, my dream would be to have a house with a two-lane pool!


Thank you, Mitun!