February 2016 updates: Partner Dashboard, Transaction Error Report, Exports, Partner sub IDs & more

Communicate with partners through their dashboard (coming in March)

We know how important it is for you to communicate with your partners and stay updated. That is why the partner dashboard is about to get clearer and better.

  • A clear overview of your partners’ commissions and their performance will be shown right at the top of the partner dashboard.
    Benefits: Your partners can stay focused on improving their performance and help drive your business forward.
  • A section on program news will be shown at the bottom that displays the announcements that you would like to make for your partners, such as product news and new offers.
    Benefits: You can simplify the way you communicate with your partners and ensure that they remain up-to-date with your latest news. You can also specify the regions, in which the news or offers are relevant, so that your partners receive the news live and in an eye-catching manner.
partner dashboard

Partner UI gets a new look to its dashboard with commission overview, performance overview and program news.


View reports on transaction errors (coming in March)

Managing your transactions errors can be a challenging task when you have numerous transactions to keep track of. Often, statistics show a higher total number of transactions than the revenue you receive.

Since only the final figures really count for your business, we have created a new transaction errors report for you to analyse all errors that have occurred so far.

  • Your choice of advertisers and time frame can be filtered easily on the top.
    Benefits: You can gain an overview and manage all transaction errors within the time frame you prefer.
  • By placing your mouse over the line that occurs, you can visually see the number of errors that occurred on a particular date.
    Benefits: Through this visual graph, you can better analyse reoccurring patterns or trends from your transaction errors.
  • The reason for the error and an accompanying description will be shown at the bottom.
    Benefits: Here you can study the reasons for the transaction errors, in order to improve the processes and reduce the errors!
Reporting on transaction errors

The new reporting tool that provides a detailed breakdown on transaction errors


New export / import page for your transactions (coming in March)

In the new export and import page, you will be able to add export packages based on the same used filter settings to increase efficiency.

  • A new filter for ad space categories
    Benefits: You can create more meaningful export lists by filtering out the transactions that are most relevant to your business.
  • Exports will be saved on the UI for 5 days
    Benefits: Should there be a need to double check the exports from your UI, you can download the export package as it is saved to your UI within 5 days. This supports the two-man rule or four-eye principle, as a second person is able to verify these steps.

The new export/import page


Increased support for partner sub IDs

When a conversion is made, it pulls out information from the click that contains the partner sub ID. As ever more partners have multiple sub IDs for various media ad spaces, we too have increased our capacity of partner sub IDs.

  • Partner sub IDs (what we call sub-media codes or smc) have been increased to 6.
    Benefits: This is more than sufficient to ensure that all available partner sub IDs are recorded by the clicks and conversions, so that you gain the most accurate information about this touchpoint.

The number of partner sub IDs have been increased to 6.


New support site

To support you better in your navigation through the Ingenious Enterprise platform, we have revamped the Online Marketing Support website.

  • New and clear layout of the support website
    Benefits: You can now gain an even better overview of the topics that are most relevant to you as a platform owner or publisher, or just generic topics that you wish to gain more information for.
  • Rating of articles possible
    Benefits: At the end of each article, you can rate whether the article has been useful. The most rated articles will then appear at the bottom right hand corner of the page under Popular Articles.
Onlinemarketing Support

Online Marketing Support gets revamped for better usability



Get the latest news on your UI – by yourself!

There is a large information flow running through our R&D team, and we want to inform you of these changes without overloading you. Therefore, you are now able to see a circle on the top right corner of your UI.

  • By placing your mouse over the circle, you can get an immediate check of the current platform status
    Benefits: In case of any hiccups, you are now able to see whether the platform may be undergoing any difficulties through this platform status.
  • The number in the blue circle indicates the number of news there are. By clicking on “view all”, you will be led to a page within your UI to view all other updates and enhancements made to the platform.
    Benefits: You will be better informed of changes that have been made to the platform in the last few weeks. As we communicate the main big changes via these monthly newsletters, you will still be informed of smaller changes here in a timelier manner.
current platform status

The green button on the top right of your UI explains the current platform status.

Platform status

By clicking on “view all”, you will end up here with information regarding the release history with all enhancements made in the past few weeks.



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