Berlin, 8th February 2016


Ingenious Enterprise Dashboard

Goodbye isolated solutions and platforms! Gaining a comprehensive and 100% reliable picture of the customer journeys across all devices is crucial for an omnichannel strategy.  Ingenious Technologies, the leading independent technology provider for business analytics and marketing automation, has integrated Adjust, a market-leading business intelligence platform for mobile apps, onto the latest version of the partner Marketplace on the Ingenious Enterprise platform.  This integration  is the stepping stone to allowing marketers to enrich their customer journey and business data in real-time by providing a comprehensive mobile ecosystemsc. The Ingenious Marketplace also makes it possible to speed up their business by automating top international partner integrations.

Ingenious Technologies’ clients have already sucessfully incorporated Adjust into their white-label Ingenious Enterprise platform, thus obtaining in real time full transparency on the influence their mobile app activities have on their business, as well as their synergies with the rest of their marketing channels. 


Because every marketer from advertisers, agencies and ad networks is striving to make the best use of their sales and marketing budgets, they are on a constant lookout for insights that offer them the best possible information on their target group. The use of various marketing channels is often based on isolated solutions that need to be monitored and analysed separately.

Here is where the big problem arises. The different data structure and database are generated by the different suppliers and partners, which makes it, if at all possible, very time-consuming to understand and gain a good overview. A reliable and valid generation of customer journeys and its valuable insights into the decision-making processes of the customers are therefore not possible. Yet this is precisely what marketers need, in order to automate the placement of their marketing messages on the right place, in the right format and at the right time. However, data consolidation and automation are only possible when the tracking behind all activities is based on a single unified tracking logic.

“Our goal is,” explained Maria de Lorenzo-Alvarez, CSO Ingenious Technologies, “that all users of  Ingenious Enterprise are able to gain in real time the most transparent customer journey across absolutely every channel and device possible, so that they gain the insights they need to boost their business.

This first step shows, that we will be able to integrate further market-leading partners and offer all e-commerce and online marketing companies a highly developed ecosystem, which consolidates more data, so that they are able to assess their business performance in its entirety and to have a good overview of their business-relevant KPIs.




About Ingenious Technologies:

Ingenious Technologies AG ( is an independent technology provider for Business Analytics and Marketing Automation, with its headquarters in Berlin. Launched in 2012 by experienced online marketing experts from Technology, Marketing and Sales, the company focuses on the development and marketing of innovative, scalable technology for performance-based, branding-oriented online marketing and e-commerce. The one-product solution “Ingenious Enterprise” is developed to help advertisers, agencies and affiliates to monitor, analyze, optimize and process all their online marketing activities and partnerships across all channels and devices via a single platform. The solution meets all requirements of multi-channel tracking, affiliate software, private network and platform rating, billing, accounting and payment. With its dedicated support team, Ingenious Technologies also looks after its renowned customers from the retail, financial, as well as travel and telecommunications sector.

Christian Kleinsorge (CEO) and Eugen Becker (CTO) are continuously developing and improving the sales as well as the technology business in order to expand its position as leading innovator. The in-house research and development department ensures the innovative capacity of the company.

Apart from its headquarters in Berlin, Ingenious Technologies has subsidiaries in Szczecin, Madrid and Vienna.


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