With the influx of new advertising channels and partners, marketing managers have a myriad of opportunities to reach their customers today. That also means they are frequently confronted with the following question: Did my campaign work?

The challenge of marketers today is a seemingly simple question, but it has many layers to it. In this article, we find out what should be considered in the evaluation and how Ingenious Enterprise helps with this.


Evaluating the effectiveness of your marketing activities

1. Was Campaign X active?

This is typically visible in any ad serving platform. Figures such as reach, view, click would indicate whether Campaign X was actively delivered to an audience.

2. How much sales did Campaign X bring us?

Often, in most ad serving platforms, click-through rates are presented to show that viewers of the ad interacted with the ad. For some platforms, it even shows you the conversion rate of whether Campaign X brought any sales.

However, the problem with most ad serving platforms is that the data shows only a half truth, as it only shows clicks on the ad that led directly to a sale. What you don’t get is whether a click on the banner led to the website brought a sale later in the customer journey.

3. Would my customers still have bought from me without Campaign X?

What ad serving platforms or many other marketing technologies do not show is the full customer journeys. By checking whether Campaign X appears in any customer journey, you would be able to understand the synergy Campaign X has with your store. Perhaps it is mostly in the beginning of your customer journey, perhaps mostly at the end. Perhaps it doesn’t even appear at all, even though there were many clicks on your ad serving platform.


Customer Journey Patterns on Ingenious Enterprise

Ingenious Enterprise displays individual customer journeys for marketers to investigate, but it also goes a step further by aggregating these into grouped patterns. This enables marketers to filter the relevant channels and partners to study, view the results relevant to this, and analyse the best combination for the highest order value or number of conversions.

Particularly for questions #2 and #3 listed above, this feature enables you to study the performance of Campaign X, so you know the true effectiveness of this campaign.

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