Berlin, 6th May 2019

Ingenious Technologies, Europe’s leading marketing technology provider, is opening up its platform for an entire partnership ecosystem. This new strategic direction will cater to enterprises, across teams, to accelerate growth.

Over the past year, Ingenious Technologies studied the evolution of partner marketing and concluded that the common case of considering only traditional affiliates as partners is narrow-minded. There is a much larger piece of the pie when it comes to business opportunities. Therefore, Ingenious Technologies is expanding its horizon beyond its existing focus of affiliate marketing, onto partnerships as a revenue driver.

Jürgen Seiwerth, Board Member of Ingenious Technologies, explained, “We are seeing a paradigm shift in how people are doing business. Many organisations already work with resellers, marketplaces or brand advocates to win new customers. Some also have product partners to increase their product offering. Our mission is to help organizations manage, automate and centralize these synergistic partnerships, so they increase their market reach, share access, expand geographically and more.”

This new vision of technology supports not only the marketing department but all entities and partners of an organisation. Through the Ingenious Partner Management Platform, organisations can onboard new partners of any kind with ease, measure the performance of partners accurately, automate all financial workflows throughout the lifecycle of a partnership, as well as clearly identify synergies and optimise partnership strategies.

As Ingenious Technologies shifts towards this new strategic direction, the same has been picked up on by an existing client, Fidor Bank. They, too, had identified an immense potential for connecting businesses with potential partnerships – hence founding their subsidiary Efficient Scale, a data-driven marketplace that helps organisations create their own brand and reach partner ecosystem for growth.

With clear synergies in place, Efficient Scale decided to collaborate with Ingenious Technologies as a technology partner to apply this market knowledge. Nick Riegger, Managing Director of Efficient Scale, reflected, “We built our business around Ingenious as our technological core. This exciting step means that we now have the power to manage all sorts of partnerships globally – be it traditional merchants or affiliate partners. The opportunities are limitless. These new types of partnerships will allow me to rapidly expand our footprint across new markets, audiences and channels. Focus is to enable brands to build their own data driven and CRM connected marketplace ecosystem to monetize their customers, what we call ‘identity based shopping’”.

Dr. Siamak Haschemi, Board Member of Ingenious Technologies, explained, “We are happy to have Efficient Scale onboard with us. This is a clear affirmation that we provide a strong technology core for our partnership automation vision. We are excited to support other organisations that dare to expand their horizon beyond affiliates too, and grow their business through their partnerships! We want to support them in innovating their business practices faster than ever before and ensure the long-term success of their organisations.”

On May 7th and 8th, Ingenious Technologies and Efficient Scale will co-exhibit at the Online Marketing Rockstars 2019 Festival in Hamburg. Both companies will present this concept of partnership automation and their synergy through their slogan for this trade show: Business. Partners. Growth. Their shared booth can be found in Hall B6, Booth F20.

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About Ingenious Technologies

Ingenious Technologies AG is a Berlin-based marketing technology provider that helps global brands optimise their partner marketing for more sales. Through its SaaS-based Partner Management Platform, the company gives the power back to brands to manage their partners directly, as well as to measure and analyse the performance of their efforts accurately – on a single platform. This unique combination is strengthened by its focus on data protection through first-party tracking and white-labelling capabilities, as well as guidance from the Customer Success team. Backed up by accolades such as the winner of “Best Performance Marketing Technology 2016” and shortlisted “Best SaaS Platform 2018”, Ingenious is on its way to becoming Europe’s most trusted technology provider.

About Efficient Scale

Efficient Scale GmbH is a provider and partner marketing agency of a data-driven partner marketplace platform which represents a new type of consumer-oriented model for e-commerce. This platform enables brands to boost their sales through product and/or audience partnerships and thus efficiently increase their turnover volumes. Efficient Scale’s solution includes all necessary business processes to customers seeking to establish their own marketplace and to achieve growth on the basis of a secure and independent partner marketing.

Efficient Scale’s marketplace ecosystem had already received international recognition, e.g. as the “Best Banking Platform” at the Juniper Awards 18 and “Best New Business Ecosystem” at Efma Accenture Awards 17.


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