What does this mean?

A campaign lifecycle tends to require different ad media behaviour in each phase. This behaviour can be reflected with four ad media statuses available on your platform.

What are my options?


The campaign is live and running. All traffic is redirected, visible and eligible to earn commissions.

Hidden NEW

This is often a first step to deactivating a campaign, as partners can no longer retrieve the expired ad media on their UI. But it ensures that traffic on already promoted ad media still gets redirected to the target URL.

Additionally, all historic and future traffic will remain visible in both the reporting of the admin UI and the partner UI, so that you can continue to monitor the traffic performance and conversion rates of these deactivated campaigns on your marketing platform. And, most importantly, future traffic will still be eligible to earn commissions.

We recommend using this status when there is still budget but no more time left.


This can be seen as a second step to phasing out deactivated campaigns, as the published ad media no longer gets redirected to the target URL. Instead, it either leads to the URL of the fallback page defined in Advertiser tracking settings, or to an error page. Since there is no redirection to the target URL, no more commission can be earned by your partners.

Also, all historic traffic will remain visible to both you and your partners.

We recommend using this status when there is no more budget or time left.


This is the strictest step to deactivating campaigns. Not only will redirection be no longer possible, the historic traffic will also be removed for your partners.

We recommend using this when you want to clean up your ad media and remove them completely from your Partners’ UI.


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