Whew – what craziness it was last week! We were at two huge events taking place and even overlapping last week, namely the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and the Online Marketing Rockstars in Hamburg. Our team was partly split between the two stations, partly teleporting from one place to the other!

Here’s what happened:

According to the organisers, the Mobile World Congress 2016 has broken its record of 100,000 visitors – and we were there! Anyone, who had walked through those exhibition halls, would have gathered the same idea: everything is mobile. Also for us – the topic on mobility is an important one.


End of Day 1

The Ingenious team at the Ingenious booth – ready!


Our “Kudos” partnership with the leading in-app tracking provider, adjust, was met with great interest among our visitors. Especially when it comes to getting the full picture of customer journeys, it is now impossible for marketers to ignore mobile traffic. That is why our Ingenious Enterprise platform is presenting data from the traffic occurring within mobile apps, as well as all other information regarding the mobile devices in use, such as models, resolution and operating systems. This clicked with many visitors at the Mobile World Congress, who wish to see their marketing activities in a holistic and transparent manner, as they will better be able to analyse and optimise them this way.



Our team sharing with others on getting the full customer journey picture with Ingenious Enterprise.


Carlos Maria Client

Our team meeting with visitors of the Mobile World Congress


However, our team in Barcelona had a major challenge to face: The mobility outside the walls of Fira, where the event took place, was – to put it kindly – very limited. The day before, we had already learnt that the metro was going to be on strike on the first day of the event. On the day itself, we learnt that bus drivers were joining in on the strike! What a nightmare! But we managed to make our way there on time thanks to insider tips from our Spanish colleagues. In the end, none of these challenges affected our mood, thanks to a good outcome and a great team!


It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Super HTML5!

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s our colleague Maria and Super HTML5!


Our colleague Carlos surfing the #MWC16 wave.

Our colleague Carlos surfing the #MWC16 wave.


On the last day of the Mobile World Congress, Online Marketing Rockstars opened its doors in Hamburg. Just like last year, we were present as exhibitors and enjoyed meeting with an incredible number of visitors at the event from the start right up till the end! As majority of the visitors were online marketing professionals, our complete team was constantly activated, as we provided information, examples and deeper insights through live demos on our Ingenious Enterprise platform.


Our rockstar team

Our rockstar team in Hamburg


Our colleague Felix explaining the simplicity of integrating search and social media channels onto our Ingenious Enterprise platform.

Our colleague Felix explaining the simplicity of integrating search and social media channels onto our Ingenious Enterprise platform.


Our colleague André explaining other benefits of the Ingenious Enterprise platform.

Our colleague André listening intently to the needs of our guests and presenting the omni-channel view of our Ingenious Enterprise platform.


What’s more? Our clients, who are currently using the Ingenious Enterprise platform, came by our booth to have a chat and to find out what was next on our product roadmap. Because our clients are important stakeholders of our platform, it makes us extremely proud when they are thinking long-term and initiated exchanges. That was really cool!


Because you should rock your business with Ingenious.

Because you should rock your business with Ingenious.


On top of that, we enjoyed a constant flow of visitors at our booth, resulting in many interesting conversations and great company from representatives of various online businesses. That made our day! The party that evening was, of course, the perfect icing to the cake!

A very big thank you goes out to the great organisation for both events, as well as all visitors we have spoken to. Because of them, all our efforts in preparation for these events have paid off. So thank you, and we hope to see you next year!