Are you going to the Google Cloud Summit in Munich next week?

We are – and we’re getting excited for our CTO Dr Siamak Haschemi’s talk, together with our Google Cloud partner Claranet, as he discusses migrating to containers and Kubernetes.


The starting spark

This arose as we recently migrated parts of our data infrastructure to an improved cloud architecture for higher performance and better stability for our clients.

As we analysed the market, Kubernetes quickly became our go-to infrastructure for running applications in a reliable and easy-to-maintain way. Its concepts of configuration management, application deployment and its modular self-healing containerization helps shape the way applications are developed and makes you think about scalability and reliability – without having to worry too much about the underlying infrastructure. It shifts the emphasis from operating the infrastructure to managing the applications we are developing.


Migrating to containers and Kubernetes

We have learnt a lot through the entire process – that’s why we’ve decided to share the learnings that would help other tech teams in the same circumstance.

In this talk, we will rethink how applications communicate with one another from their isolated environment, how an application can be split in multiple modular pieces and how systems can be monitored and logged in a uniform way. Because we find that the challenging part is not necessarily to build applications for a cloud environment, but rebuilding them, because most applications were not built with this mindset.


Sounds interesting? Come visit our talk at Google Cloud Summit on 6th Dec at 1.30pm in Internationales Congress Center Munich. More information here: