Traditional Commission Models and beyond

Customise payment models for partners in your private affiliate network using Ingenious Enterprise

Grow your performance marketing

As a player in the performance marketing realm, you need the flexibility to build your own private affiliate network with your preferred partners, in order to grow your sales and marketing ROI. This is made possible with the Partnership Management functionality on Ingenious Enterprise.


Among others, it includes the affiliate network concept of paying only for the sale or a conversion. This concept is known as cost-per-acquisition or CPA marketing. CPA is sometimes more generally known as cost-per-action, as it encompasses both sales and leads as a benchmark for commissions.


In addition to CPA marketing, the Ingenious Enterprise platform provides you with the flexibility to monitor any other performance indicators. This is possible because Ingenious Enterprise includes the capability of tracking all activities delivered by your partners for your campaign. You will know which partner in your network has been performing and be able to determine how your commissions should be paid out.

Your preferred commission models

Enter Commission Models

As Ingenious Enterprise helps you to manage your partners and affiliates, as well as track all actions possible, you are able to select among commission models that are based on your preferred performance indicators, as well as standard online marketing approaches, such as CPC and CPM. These examples are explained here:


CPA marketing

Running an affiliate programme with a cost-per-acquisition or CPA marketing model ensures a high marketing ROI, as advertisers pay only when sales are generated. This commission model is best used to serve sales objectives, as it rewards the partner that sealed the deal.


CPL marketing

With cost-per-lead or CPL models, advertisers pay for each lead generated from the ad. This could be a newsletter subscription or other active engagement from a potential customer, and is often used for high-value products and services.


CPC marketing

With cost-per-click or CPC campaigns, advertisers pay for each click delivered to a specified page. Being click-oriented, this model is often applied to ads aimed at a targeted audience.


CPM marketing

With cost-per-mille or CPM campaigns, advertisers pay for every thousand views of their advertising media. Being traffic-oriented, this model is also often used to increase brand awareness.


Other Commission Models

Your partners can also be paid commissions based on any other conversion target you wish to track, such as a file download (cost-per-download), a video view, an online interaction or an offline call with a customer service officer (cost-per-call). Anything is possible.

Gain the clarity you need

Online marketing beyond traditional commission models

The Ingenious platform offers greater clarity on your performance marketing activities beyond traditional commission models. You can track every performance indicator, even non-commercial ones, to better analyse the campaigns. This means that you are able to monitor several tracked events without having to pay out commissions.


Here’s an example: let’s say you have a video ad for your latest product. While your partners are given commissions based on the amount of sales delivered, you can also monitor video clicks and video shares as non-commercial indicators. These indicators can be set to be visible or invisible to your partners, depending on whether you wish to share this with them. With these additional indicators, you will be able to gain deeper insights on the performance of your campaigns.


Ingenious Enterprise also allows your defined performance indicators to be mapped into a customer journey. From this, not only will you be able to see which partners in your ad network are delivering sales, you will to identify and incentivise the partners that play a crucial role in assisting the sale and pushing customers to go further in the sales funnel.

Boost your affiliate network

Ultimately, we understand that strategic partnerships are fundamental success elements in online marketing. That is why our Ingenious Enterprise solution provides the flexibility of defining your commission models, so that you can optimise your affiliate programme, strengthen partnerships and maximise your marketing ROI.

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