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Fidor Bank relies on Ingenious Enterprise for omni-channel tracking and a private partner network


Fidor Bank AG is an internet-based direct bank in Germany, with over 100,000 account holders and around 325,000 registered community members. Numerous private and commercial clients who value digital and fast banking processes – from opening an account to day-to-day needs – possess the Fidor Smart giro account and use its innovative financial app as the first touch point to the bank. Essential banking processes can be done within 60 seconds. Fidor Bank has received multiple awards for its innovation, such as one from the World Economic Forum (WEF) for being a “Global Growth Company”.


  • Consolidate marketing data onto one platform
  • Expand into new markets
  • Collect data based on uniform criteria
  • Develop own affiliate network


While Fidor Bank has been relying on sophisticated technologies right from the start, the management was on the search for a solution that enables them to measure and optimally manage all the marketing activities of the bank in order to optimise their digital 360-degree sales funnel even further.


With plans to expand its product offerings into new markets, uniform measurement criteria, processes, KPIs and a clear comparison of actions and results in real-time became important criteria to Fidor.


Moreover, the solution needed to support Fidor in building its own affiliate network, in order to manage, steer and support the important partners of the bank – all on its own.


  • Ingenious is the go-to data source
  • Third party tracking technologies implemented to gather all incoming traffic accurately
  • Attribution models with weighted channels individualized for Fidor
  • Automated financial reports customized to user’s role


Prior to the integration of the Ingenious Enterprise platform, Fidor had been using multiple public affiliate and financial networks. Today, Ingenious Enterprise is used by Fidor as its leading source of performance marketing data.


Omni-Channel Tracking

When it comes to omni-channel tracking, Fidor uses the tracking switch from Ingenious Enterprise and deduplicates its data. This allows 3rd-party pixels, such as that of the financial networks, to be fired in real-time, so as to be taken into consideration in the attribution process. Through the efficient use of 3rd-party technology, accurate gathering of all incoming traffic is ensured, thereby enabling the marketing managers at Fidor to gain a detailed view of all their marketing channels and make a comprehensive omni-channel analysis.


Individualised attribution models with weighted channels are also being used. This enables Fidor to monitor and analyse their “owned” channels (customer newsletters, community) separately from their “paid” channels (partners, email, paid ads) as well as “earned” channels (social media, PR). Additionally, in-app tracking, which is available through Ingenious Enterprise, is being implemented and will be used as a separate channel.

Automated Reports – with a click of a mouse

The analysis of all marketing activities is one of the main responsibilities of marketing managers at Fidor Bank. For this, the bank uses the comprehensive standard reporting on Ingenious Enterprise, which is individually configured and automated for this specific user group. With the omni-channel reports, marketing managers are able to gain a good overview of all traffic, individual segments and partners. Depending on the given role, deeper analyses, including whether a click or a conversion has been produced from a smartphone or desktop, or which advertising medium led to the most conversions, are also available. These reports are generated online, and can be exported in various formats to be further processed.


Creating reliable reports using data from all activities, channels and partners used to be tedious work for partners, the management and campaign managers. Thanks to standardized data structure, reports can now be generated with a click and in real-time.

The clear and individually customizable dashboards as well as the ease of analyzing our campaigns have enabled us to react quickly and steer the daily business.

– Tobias Kollmuß, Customer Acquisition, FidorFactory GmbH


  • Mass payments made easy with Fidor’s API
  • Transparency gained across all marketing activities for better optimisation

Finance-as-a-Service – Fast Payouts Directly from the private network

In the past, monthly billing and payouts in affiliate networks with numerous partners were processes that were both labour-intensive and time-consuming. To simplify this, Ingenious Enterprise developed a feature that allows direct and quick payments to be made with a click.


Today, through a direct API from the private network, all advertisers on the network with a Fidor commercial account, including Fidor itself, can create billing quickly and safely, as well as perform mass payments with a single click – all without the hassle of importing and exporting files. Partners can also receive payments in real-time, if they possess a Fidor bank account too.


Another reason why partners have chosen to have a free Fidor account: the Fidor accounts can be integrated in the advertiser UI or partner accounts, allowing invoices and credit notes to be processed automatically – including the relevant statutory accounting documentation. Payment can be made within a matter of seconds.


Gathering and Development of Know-How

The use of the Ingenious Enterprise platform allows Fidor’s marketers to focus on the business. They are now able to provide quick statistics and analysis, in order to monitor, manage and optimise commercial goals efficiently.


Managing all online marketing activities in-house, preventing fraud, and determining the channels and the placements that the bank should be present in – these are Fidor’s goals, and Fidor is on its way to fulfilling them. Reliable transparency across all marketing activities and consistent monitoring and analysis of their performance on a single platform has become one of Fidor’s guarantees for success.


Today, Fidor’s affiliate activities have been rolled out in the UK with the support of Ingenious Technologies as part of its Managed Service. Thanks to the scalability as well as gained expertise from using Ingenious Enterprise, the platform will also be used as the leading solution for its expansion plans. As the use of mobile devices continue to play an increasingly important role, traffic generated from mobile will be implemented as an independent channel with mobile conversion targets. In addition, in light of the highly competitive marketing landscape, as well as Fidor’s expansion plans, Ingenious Enterprise will be used more than ever to manage its numerous marketing channels and to utilise the marketing budget efficiently. In short, Fidor is in a better position today than it has ever been!

With the SaaS platform, Ingenious Enterprise, our data remains on German soil with a German data trustee, acting under German data protection law. This is an essential point for us!

– Nick Riegger, CMO, Fidor Bank AG

Updated on 18th May 2016

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