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Europe’s No. 1 Partner Marketing Platform

Our Partner Marketing Platform is designed to help businesses manage their marketing channels, strategic relationships and processes easily – all in one place. This way, they are equipped with accurate data as well as automated processes, and can easily identify the winning recipe to maximise revenue.

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Migrate your partners easily into our platform and get a 360° view of all your marketing activities in one place! 


Minimize lost marketing activities, and be future-proof, by using our 1st party tracking technology

Multi-channel approach

Integrate and connect data from all your marketing channels to get the holistic overview

GDPR compliant

Collect and handle data in accordance with GDPR regulations

Leave the tech work to the experts!

Wondering whether to rely on your in-house technology? Why not leave the tech work to the experts. Our research and development team is made up of industry experts, who passionately design an independent white-label SaaS platform. This way, you can use technology that works for your business, and be assured that all data belongs to you.

Trusted and rewarded Platform

Best Performance Marketing Technology

The use of a 1st-party tracking engine enabled ZooRoyal to gain transparency into its marketing performance, which resulted in smarter choices for the business.


Gold Competency

Ingenious Technologies has been certified Gold Competency for demonstrating proven expertise in delivering quality solutions.


Google & Yahoo certified tracking

After stringent evaluation on measurement accuracy, availability, response time and security, our server infrastructure has been certified by Google and Yahoo.