GDPR and Ingenious Technologies


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) provides legislation on all organizations generating and processing personal data related to EU-citizens, also known as data subjects. The new law will come into effect on 25th May 2018.


This is a great legal framework to put data subjects’ rights first and foremost, giving them more control and rights over their personal data. These new rights and controls include:


  • Data portability – being aware of the transfer of your data from one system to another
  • Access – knowing what data has been collected and how it will be used
  • Correction – the right to make changes to inaccurately stored data
  • Erasure – the right to withdraw your consent and request personal data deletion
  • Consent – the choice to actively consent or not, fully or partially


As a technology provider, we are data processors, while our clients take on the role as data controllers. Clients choose to work with our technology to track and manage the effectiveness of their marketing activities and partners, thereby allowing us to collect data on the basis of legitimate interest and process the data based on contractual obligation.


In addition, we have taken on the following measures to ensure transparency in our efforts to GDPR compliance:


  • Data protection officer: We have made our appointed data protection officer known to the authorities.
  • Privacy Policy: We have reorganized our privacy policy for greater clarity and transparency in relation to the data we collect, how we use and share that data, and the controls you have over your data. (currently only available in German)
  • Processing documentation: We are actively working on formally documenting our processes concerning data collection, and to set procedures in place to best cater to your rights to access, edit and delete personally identifiable data in a timely manner.
  • Website cookie update: We have adjusted our cookie acceptance settings on our website to enable an easier opt-in and opt-out of cookie tracking.
  • Newsletter opt-in: We have contacted all our mailing list recipients to renew their consent to receiving newsletters.
  • Platform development: In addition to the current enhancements, streamlining of non-business-critical data, as well as enhanced user account security, Ingenious Technologies is continuously working to maintain a high standard of data privacy and security within our software development.
  • Platform support: Our Client team is available to address the concerns of clients, and to support them in ensuring their compliance to GDPR whilst using the marketing platform.


We strive to support our clients with compliant handling of personal data. Therefore, we have made a list of platform enhancements that would assist our clients in providing even greater clarity and transparency within their organisation, with their marketing partners, and with their end customers.

Within your organization
  • Updated User Management with consent field, new user password and termination
    To make sure the autonomy of the user is enhanced and the storage of private data is transparent, as well as improving password security for users.
  • Redesigned user profile page with opt in and termination options
    To give every user the autonomy to decide on the storage and usage of their own private data.
With your marketing partners
  • Updated Partner Management
    To enable new partners on the platform to work with enhanced password security, and the ability to block their account when needed.
With your end customers
  • End user data on the product surface
    To remove all references to personal data of end users from the UI.
  • End user data on request
    To enable clients to pull and end user data easily if an end user requests them to do so via API endpoints.



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Updated on 29th June 2018

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