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Ingenious Enterprise: The Marketing Platform Explained

As a platform, you can use Ingenious Enterprise to gather external data from the interactions with your brands, as well as connect internal systems. The enriched data set enables you to analyse the full picture and allocate your marketing budget more effectively.

Omni-Channel Tracking

Our Omni-Channel Tracking helps you to determine how all channels generate leads and revenue for your company, as well as the synergies between them. Make use of the data to optimise all online marketing activities, and accurately align them with your business targets. With Ingenious Enterprise, you will make smarter business decisions.

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What our clients are using Ingenious Enterprise for

White-Label Tracking

Implement white-label tracking under your own domain and avoid ad-blocking

Attribution Modelling

Individualise and make use of the attribution models that best fit your needs

Multi-Channel and Cross-Device

Understand your customers’ behaviour across all channels and devices

Customer Journey Analysis

Gain visualisation of all touch points in the customer journey

Data Aggregation

Gain a consolidated view of all relevant business data in one platform

1st-Party Tracking

Gain maximum accuracy in your 1st-party tracking

Tag Management

Easily control and manage all 3rd-party pixels on your own


Deduplicate all your transactions and sales automatically


Partnership Management

Our Partnership Management serves as a digital control center for a 360-degree view of all your business activities and partnerships, online and offline. You can map and manage all your partner-related processes on a single platform in real-time, so that any ineffective Online Marketing efforts and inefficient usage of budget would be revealed.


What our clients are using Ingenious Enterprise for

Your Own Network

Start, manage and optimise your own network or programme in-house

Data Management

Configure Ingenious Enterprise according to your data structure and KPIs

Platform Intelligence

Identify synergies among all your partners, brands and products

Commission Models Management

Set and customise commission models to your respective partners


Manage and control an unlimited number of entities on a single platform

Rights and Roles Management

Allocate all roles and functionalities according to users’ responsibilities


Ingenious Enterprise makes use of the most extensive algorithms in the industry to detect fraud

Data Protection

Use data according to German and European data protection laws

Billing & Accounting

The integrated Billing & Accounting system helps you to automate all your booking and payment processes for the management of your advertisers and partners in a closed, safe and GAAP-compliant system. By relying on our marketing automation capabilities, your team can stay focused on your business.


What our clients are using Ingenious Enterprise for

Processes Management

Hassle-free management of multiple partners on a single platform

Comprehensive Finance Reports

Get the full picture of all your finance-related activities

100% GAAP-Compliant

Gain GAAP-compliant documentation of rating, accounting, billing and payment

Simplified Processes

Create and customise deposits, invoices and credit notes easily

Payment Flexibility

Choose your preferred payment method according to your needs

Full Transparency

Get all accounting steps between advertisers and partners documented

Mass Payments

Make mass payouts in real-time with just one click

Go Global

Make use of multilingual and multi-currency capabilities for your global markets

The development of Ingenious Enterprise had been supported by the European Regional Development Fund.

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