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As the bridge connecting publishers and advertisers, ad networks simplify the marketing processes for advertisers and enable publishers to direct the best traffic to the advertisers. Ingenious Enterprise helps you to track and manage all relationships and activities via a single platform, fuss-free and reliable.

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Benefits from using Ingenious Enterprise:

Nurture a professional network

Manage your advertisers and publishers easily and take advantage of the anti-fraud measures for higher security

Win new advertisers

Offer advertisers an innovative platform to manage all advertising media and financial processes easily

Convince the best partners

Offer advertisers flexible commission models and simplified payout processes that partners can benefit from

Win cost efficiency

Automate and speed up all manual reporting and financial processes for both advertisers and publishers

"We have done our research and could not find a comparable comprehensive solution. Since we started using Ingenious Enterprise, we have saved 30% of our time, which is now invested in sales and other services."
Jan Fastenrath, 24-ADS

24-ADS GmbH



As an agency, you are working with countless companies. Your clients expect diverse marketing strategies that continuously deliver results based on KPIs. Ingenious Enterprise helps you to make the most out of their business.


Benefits from using Ingenious Enterprise:

Your edge above the rest

Gain efficiency and save costs with Ingenious Enterprise. Reduce resources by automating customised reports. Be at the forefront of the technological evolution and gain an edge above your competitors.

Offer higher value proposition

Get a bigger picture of your clients’ businesses with Ingenious Enterprise. Develop, execute and continuously optimise a comprehensive online marketing strategy for your clients.

Give accurate insights

Have all relevant marketing data consolidated onto a single platform, based on your defined KPIs. Gain the right insights easily for accurate analyses.

Gain optimal know-how

Rely on our technical support und customised training to maximise the value of your processes and to always have the right answers to your clients’ needs.

"Given we daily manage several hundred active programs, we were at first hesitant to transition all our business to a new technology. However, we are now glad we went ahead with Ingenious: our new network was successfully up and running in just 6 days!"
José Ángel Santiago Toribio - netsales

Head of Traffic & Business Intelligence

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