Omni-Channel Tracking

Track all your customers’ interactions accurately, and optimize your next marketing strategy.

Omni-Channel View

Have a disconnect between your customers’ online activities and offline? Enrich your digital data with offline data, and revolutionize your business with Ingenious Enterprise.

Multi-Channel Tracking: Omni-channel view
Multi-Channel Tracking: White-Label Tracking

True White-Label Tracking Technology

Analysing imprecise data? With Ingenious Enterprise, you can gain at least 15% more data compared to other players in the market, as our 1st-party tracking bypasses ad-blocking technology and collects data of the highest possible accuracy.

Cross-Device Tracking

Can’t tell how your customers are interacting with your brand or product across different devices? Dive deeper into your analytics and optimize your media spend.

Multi-Channel Tracking: Cross-Device Tracking
Multi-Channel Tracking: Customer Journey

Customer Journey

Lacking a 360-degree view of your customers? Our Ingenious Enterprise allows you to capture all touch points of your customer journey, no matter how many – plus in real-time.

Attribution Modelling

Don’t know what contributes most to your business? Make use of a real-time simulation of attribution models through Ingenious Enterprise and implement the most optimal one.

Attribution Modelling

Ingenious Enterprise

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