Data-driven Creatives to increase your conversions

Give your partners direct access to an already customized creative library and save time on manual work! Loading, tagging, publishing, and retiring content has never been so simple.

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Access a wide landscape of creative formats

Because no partner is like the other, offer them the variety of creative formats they need: from image to html, link, deeplink, widgets, product data feeds, vouchers… – give your partnerships the scope that matches your business expectations!

Let the Platform do the manual work

Thanks to our health checklist, there is no need to waste time verifying if creatives are operational: the platform lets you know! With our intuitive traffic light system you can easily detect broken links and prevent loss of sales.

“We were looking for a solution that was not only performance-based; it was flexible enough and committed to our needs, just as we are to our customers’ needs.”
Nicholas Ziyang

Regional Head of Display and Affiliates, Linio Group

Don’t worry about the storage!

Offering the best a technology can do is our motto, and the same goes for services. With Creatives, there is no restriction to the amount of images you can host with us – and neither to the outcome you can achieve with it!

Creatives formats

Ingenious Technologies supports different types of creatives, such as image, html, links, deeplinks, widgets, product data feeds, vouchers …

Creatives Explorer

Get an overview of all your advertisers, and filter them by advertiser type, link health, etc.

Customizable tracking

Your partners have access and can retrieve their creatives in one place. No need to customize manually.

Key Account Information

Customize your data to the right contact person in your organisation and save them from time consuming data filtering.

Links health check

The ultimative tool to control the health of all active tracking links.


Integrate all your creatives through API and save precious time.

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Proven Results

Because we light and breathe Big Data, we believe in figures to illustrate success.
Here are the results of Creatives over the last 3 years:

Active creatives

Images hosted

Checked links

Health check frequency

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