Performance Marketing: Product Data Feeds

Keeping the partners in your private affiliate network up-to-date with your product information using Ingenious Enterprise

Data feeds with the latest product information

Product data feeds are frequently used in online marketing as a great way of managing product details effortlessly. Product feeds contain all products and their characteristics, such as their prices, landing pages, images and more.


They are provided by e-commerce merchants to their affiliate and advertising partners, so that they can better boost the sales of these products. Advertisers can regularly and easily communicate the latest product information to the partners in their affiliate network, while partners automate the update of all information, in order to publish accurate data.

For Advertisers:

Challenges of the daily business

In today’s competitive landscape, advertisers are often confronted with the need to respond to changes in the market. This means creating different offers for different products, thereby having to change all information regularly. Handling the offers one by one may be possible, if the advertisers have few products with identical offers. But with greater number of products and offers, a large amount of precious resources will need to be spent.


More importantly, it is no longer sufficient for advertisers to provide banner ads for the partners as their sole affiliate marketing strategy. Instead, affiliates are integrating the products onto their websites. That is why they require the latest information.

Enter product data feeds

Product data feeds come in a form of a datasheet, which enables advertisers to list, update and delete product information as well as automatically deliver them to their partners. The Ingenious platform is designed to provide advertisers with the flexibility of uploading feeds of any size, so that advertisers can update all product information regardless of the range they offer.


Advertisers can also define the partners that these data should be transmitted to. They can easily reach out to all partners regardless of the size of their affiliate network, or provide customized feeds to various groups of partners according to their goals. When advertisers are in control of the data feeds, partners will find it easier to work with them.


Additionally, with Ingenious Enterprise, advertisers can focus on specific product segments by assigning different commission percentages to different segments. For instance, the products that are of higher priority could be worth 10% commission, whereas the ones of lower priority only 5%. This encourages partners to deliver the sale of the ones of higher priority, thereby boosting the performance marketing strategy as a whole.

For Partners / Affiliates:

Challenges of the daily business

In order for partners and affiliates to integrate content into their websites, they need to be aware of all offers, availability and changes to the advertisers’ products, so that they can publish accurate and up-to-date information. Particularly for price comparison sites and other similar publishers, a hassle-free solution is needed so that they can work with information from countless advertisers at the same time.

Benefits of product data feeds

With product data feeds from Ingenious Enterprise, partners and affiliates can get hold of the needed product information easily. They will be able to promote products on offer on a timelier basis and send visitors to the exact product pages that they were looking for. By including a simple code on the pages, the update of product information on their websites will be automated, allowing them to save massive amount of valuable time and resources.


Ingenious Enterprise also provides the flexibility to configure the data needed, and in the format preferred. This means that partners and affiliates can choose to automatically export only the attributes needed, such as product title, ID and price. They can also download the feeds in the preferred format (CSV, JSON or XML), define the needed delimiter (semicolon, comma or tab) and whether or not they want to download the data feed in a compressed file (ZIP, GR or TAR.GZ).


Ultimately, the product data feeds from Ingenious Enterprise not only allows partners and affiliates to maintain the reliability and trustworthiness of their content and brand name, but also improve their own conversion rates and overall performance as a partner.

Features at a glance

  • Unlimited data feed sizes
  • Partners to receive feeds can be defined
  • Individual configurable product attributes
  • Choice of product feed formats
  • Your choice of update intervals
  • Multiple channel integration
  • Inclusion of international data, such as currencies

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