The core finance system your partners can trust.

Access different model commission and fee rules, bonuses and incentives, and let the platform do the hard work on taxes, invoicing, and payouts.

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Access automation for your finance

Ingenious’s Finance functionality is designed to automate all booking and payment processes for partner management within a closed, secure and GoBD-compliant system.

Access simplicity and digestible data

Finance enables the mapping of individual business models by presenting booking and payment processes in a comprehensible manner, regardless of how many partners you work with.

“Ingenious provided us the essential industry knowledge paired with a high technical know how. Their technological infrastructure, a combo of Kubernetes, Google Cloud, Kafka and Google Data Studio, got us especially interested to work with.”

Tarik Breining

CEO, doo/shop

Access transparency

Get a granular view of your finance: every business transaction and every account transaction is logged (audit), giving you and your partners the greatest possible transparency.

Accounts & Statements

Inspired by online banking, participants in Finance have their own accounts with access to any statements in a chronological view.

Commission & Fee management

In Finance, you can manage your partner commission and platform fee via models and rules. Through different dimensions like time, category, target etc., you can configure your models in a very flexible way.

Billing & Financial documents

The billing process for advertiser and partner consists of any item that was previously created and validated. The billing preview allows you to manage upcoming documents in different status. Easily design brand-compliant invoice templates.

Transactions & Types

Independent from Tracking, you can reflect your financial cases like Fees for Setups- and Maintenance as well as own partner kickback payments through your entity by Transactions and Types.

Validation & Auditing

Access the complete basket and validate on position level. Automatically confirm conversions after a set time period or partially confirm/reject conversions. Ensure transparency of all financial objects and their movement. Get the complete history of any item in an activity view.


The Finance-API is offering several endpoints which allows you to automate your own finance processes on your side.

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Proven Results

Because we light and breathe Big Data, we believe in figures to illustrate success.
Here are the results of Finance over the last 3 years:


Million booked balance changes

Million € of paid commission

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