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Knowledge is power: to gain the most out of your partnerships, you should get actionable insights on your whole data. Get the full picture in one tool.

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Get a deep insight on the level of your choice

Our powerful reporting and analytics section allows you to optimize your data at the granular level you want: channels, partners, adspaces, creatives, time, customer journey patterns, devices …

Get the analysis that really matters

Wonder what the winning recipe behind your sales is? We make analysing customer journeys easy, so you can identify synergies and the winning combination for most sales.

Connect all your data sources in a Data Warehouse and get an overview of all the information

A data warehouse serves as a repository for data stored from a variety of internal and external sources. 

Thus, a data warehouse not only stores data, but also acts as an interface or transshipment hub between all programs that collect data. But a data warehouse is not just a plain database, instead it is especially designed for data analysis.

“It is exciting that we can now see the complete picture through the analyses and make better marketing decisions.”
Georg Wiedemann

Head of Marketing, DePauli AG

Synchronise your data with other systems

Because businesses nowadays work with several entities, – and your data is yours only –  you can easily customize dashboards you chose to link to other systems.


Reports & Dashboards

Get a 360° overview of all your tracked activities. Evaluate performance based on your preferred parameters e.g. time, partner, admedia …

Data Studio reports

Get the full picture of your collected data in advanced Data Studio Reports. 

Magic Key

Your simple, protected link to access and share your customized report – from anywhere, anytime.

BigQuery as data source for BI tools

Connect your data to any BI system thanks to our comprehensive BigQuery reports.

Customer Journey

Aggregate patterns in the customer journeys and identify the most effective combination for your conversions.

Attribution analysis

Analyze how your attribution models perform and optimize accordingly. Understand why certain models are more successful.

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Proven Results

Because we light and breathe Big Data, we believe in figures to illustrate success.
Here are the results of Insights over the last 3 years:




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