Connecting big data with powerful software

Embed your partnership platform into your application landscape through built-in automations without developer resources, and leverage on our rich APIs for custom integrations.

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Bring your data from different systems together in one single platform!

Integration is the docking station for your Partner Marketing Platform. You can connect the Ingenious tracking tool to other systems and integrate your data according to your business plan.

Enhance Conversion-Data with IDs from your system

Ingenious Technologies serves to be the middleware between your market data and your internal systems. With our mapping connection, we’ve also made it easier to filter out the information you have mapped to your internal systems.

“To us, Ingenious Technologies is not just a technology provider but also a strategic long-term business partner.”
Jens Grafe

Head of Digital Marketing, ZooRoyal GmbH

Maximize the impact of your mobile marketing

Benefit from our existing integration with one of the leading mobile tracking solutions, Adjust. Easily connect with your adjust account and merge your data in one single platform.


Conversion Hooks “Webhooks”

Integrate two (or more) cloud-based platforms and enable real-time data updates. Set up your third-party tracking over Webhooks.

Data Export API

Define the exports you want to generate automatically in your preferred format (CSV, XLS and XML). Easily build your export URL with predefined filters.

External Reference Mapping

Enhance Conversion-Data with IDs from your system. Integrate two (or more) cloud based platforms and enable real-time data updates. Set up your Third Party Tracking over Webhooks. 


Track your mobile marketing with our Partner Adjust. Ingenious Technologies has a preexisting existing integration with Adjust, making it easy to merge data.

Conversion Importer

Get your Data from external sources by using our server side Conversion Importer. We as Ingenious Technologies are thrilled to discover new sources – just ask.

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Proven Results

Because we light and breathe Big Data, we believe in figures to illustrate success.
Here are the results of Integrations over the last 3 years:

Conversion hooks

Conversions sent

latency between receiving conversion and forwarding it

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Portals / Marketplaces

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Performance Networks

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