Every great adventure starts with the right partner!

Recruit, onboard, administer suppliers and partners to form networks. Categorize and label your data for a great overview and report.

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Ingenious Partnerships allows you to connect with your partners easily, and develop a long-lasting, manual work free relationship! From the application process, the acceptation, the categorization to the labelling – our Partnerships product is the tool to successfully grow (together with your partners).

What if a platform could be your best Account Manager?

Let our technology do the manual work for you, so you can focus on what really matters. Partnerships provide you with the best environment for your business, to make your partners happy and offer them their own dedicated platform. 

“As most merchants were already familiar with the mechanics of performance tracking from affiliate marketing, they could very quickly familiarise themselves with the intuitive UI and processes on the Ingenious platform. With their own dedicated accounts, our merchants are empowered to get the reports they need when they need them!”

Franziska Grunwald

Head of Partner Management, Idealo

Get the right setting for your partners - and your users!

Connect your partners and your users in the most powerful way. Every partnership is unique. Partnerships enables you to customize information based on the type of relationship you have with them. Identify Advertisers and Partners through custom labelling.


Partner management

Automize all your processes with partners, and get a clear overview to administer them easily from one platform.

Customized labelling

Have full control in the way you label your partner and advertiser to adapt the data to your very own needs. 



Access or upload your creatives per ad space and manage your data easily. 

Advertiser management

Get the right info from your advertisers, at the level you chose, and manage everything from one platform: from the customizable tracking setting, to creatives, vouchers, data feeds…. 

Key Account Information

Customize your data to the right contact person in your organisation and save them from time consuming data filtering.


With our 360 degree API integration you can connect any external data to your partnership management tool: insert external data, export data, create Advertisers, Partners, Partnerships, bypass the UI…

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Because we light and breathe Big Data, we believe in figures to illustrate success.
Here are the results of Partnerships over the last 3 years:





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