Case Study

DePauli builds up its own online ecosystem on Ingenious Enterprise

The customer

DePauli AG

Since its founding in 1997, DePauli AG has grown from a pioneer of online fashion retail to the leading supplier of the men’s collections with Founder Renata DePauli has consistently stood by her customer-oriented company philosophy for 20 years – which is to win satisfied customers through fashion expertise, excellent service, free shipping, 30 days return policy and free consultation.
Today, with more than 160 employees, DePauli AG successfully manages 250 brands and 400,000 items in its warehouse in Garching near Munich. In recent years, the company, which also operates, and, received multiple awards from leading institutions. In order to expand its market position, the company continues to work on further development of its performance and invests in the optimization of its marketing activities.

Their challenge

Taking DePauli’s Online Marketing to The Next Level


Right from the start, it was important for DePauli to obtain a comprehensive platform that allowed them to manage all their marketing channels and partners (paid, owned and earned media). DePauli wanted to make use of the platform to create a Partner World out of its own online marketing ecosystem, gain new insights through customer journeys, analyse the performance of every single partner, channel and campaigns, and identify synergy among one another. All data should be generated based on a uniform structure and consolidated onto a single platform, along with all associated costs.

This made the requirement clear: The consolidation of data from previously isolated systems and databases should provide DePauli with transparency over their marketing performance. In order to operate agilely, they would need to integrate all existing tools and systems onto a central platform in a structured manner.


Attribution plays a particularly important role for DePauli. Their marketing team should be capable of making decisions to optimize budget allocations for effective marketing with the help of attributed data.

Most advertisers understand attribution as the allocation of commissions paid to the relevant partners present in the customer journey. DePauli goes a step further and integrates an additional dimension: their own KPIs should also play a decisive role in the evaluation of the touchpoints. Examples of these KPIs that would influence the attribution would be the number of vouchers or amount of discount used in generating sales. Furthermore, DePauli takes part in the cashback system Payback, and wanted to know which channels and devices led to the redemption of the cashback points, and when.

All of these measures result in fair remuneration for their partners, based on their contribution in the customer journey.


To gain transparency in the performance of their omni-channel activities

To manage their important marketing partners directly

To increase ROI through decisions based on reliable data


“Ingenious convinced us from the start with its very consistent technical solution and has become a valued consultant through the expertise of its employees.”

Georg Wiedemann, Head of Marketing

Our solution

Integrating Ingenious Enterprise into DePauli’s IT infrastructure has paid off quickly at an operational level

Analytical foundation

As with most Ingenious Enterprise clients, DePauli’s tracking was implemented as a white-label solution. This means only DePauli’s domain appears in the URL – which enables them to bypass ad-blocking technologies.

Today, DePauli can reward the parties according to their contribution. This contribution is calculated from the weightage DePauli assigns to the type of conversions. This is made possible by:

(1) the definition and tracking of any event as their analytical targets, which are business-relevant actions that take place before a sale (e.g. add to basket), thus collecting much more data for the evaluation than possible before, and

(2) the analysis of channels based on who, what, when and where the conversion has taken place.

These two analysis strings can be superimposed and aggregated, so patterns of the customer journeys (e.g. the combination of touchpoints that bring the most amount of sale) can be identified for the development of the sales funnel – giving DePauli unprecedented transparency on the business based on their KPIs.

Furthermore, the Attribution Manager tool on Ingenious Enterprise enables DePauli to create rules to place their defined goals at the centre of its activities, steer them accordingly and optimize them thereafter.

DePauli’s online ecosystem

Today, all important channels and partners are anchored in DePauli’s own Partner World. Ingenious Enterprise is used as the foundation, on which data from all sources are consolidated, structured and evaluated based on DePauli’s requirements. This enables DePauli to analyse their marketing activities, which were previously not visible in this consistency, since each individual partner had to consider individual billing models, such as CPO, CPC, CPL, etc.

Individualized attribution models also play a decisive role. Ingenious Enterprise enables DePauli to list specific channels, partner or ad space, such as a blogger, so that whenever it appears in the customer journey, it gets remunerated. This acknowledges the contribution to the sale generated by these touchpoints.

By connecting the internal systems as well, it is even possible to analyse the quality of the orders (e.g. number of returns, basket values) in relation to whether the customer was a new or existing customer. With this, DePauli can conduct comprehensive analyses in depth and achieve comparability across the entire network. Who, how and with what means generated sales, is the important question that DePauli can now answer.


Integration of channels and internal systems onto a central platform

Operational efficiency

Customizable attribution rules to reflect the structure of remuneration they want

Direct management of partners


“It is exciting that we can now see the complete picture through the analyses and make better marketing decisions.”

Georg Wiedemann, Head of Marketing

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