Case Study

Linio multiplies sales on Ingenious by 50


The customer


Founded in 2011, Linio is the leading online general merchandise retailer in Latin America, offering products ranging from consumer electronics to household goods and from toys to sports equipment. Linio also operates an online marketplace platform where third-party sellers can offer their products, thereby expanding product assortment for customers.

Through its growing array of services, Linio is able to provide merchants with e-commerce logistics solutions, increasing operational efficiency and improving service quality for customers.

Their challenge

Getting reliable and dedicated support from a technology provider to focus on its core business


With growth in mind, Linio wanted to build and expand its own advertising network. However, Linio had various partners that were unable to work smoothly with the existing tracking technology provider that Linio worked with. Linio needed more scalability in network management, in order to grow as planned.


In addition, other third-party solutions could not be successfully integrated with the existing tracking technology. This not only led to isolated databases and disconnected data analyses, but also poor and tedious deduplication processes. Linio needed more flexibility in tracking implementation, as well as an automatic deduplication in place, to reduce long-term costs and improve business analytics.

Due to the expansion plans, Linio prefers to invest as much resources as possible to focus on its core business. Because of that, Linio needed more reliable and dedicated support from its technology provider.


Get accurate data

Expand into new markets

Develop own affiliate network

Reduce tedious deduplication processes

Get dedicated and reliable support


“We were looking for a solution that was not only performance-based; it was flexible enough and committed to our needs, just as we are to our customers’ needs.”

Nicholas Ziyang, Regional Head of Display and Affiliates


The leading source of performance marketing data

IN-house private network

Linio restarted its affiliate programme with Ingenious Enterprise from scratch. Within 18 months, Linio has launched its very own network in 8 countries with over 3000 partners all across Latin America. The Ingenious Enterprise platform enabled Linio to communicate with various partners systematically and transparently.

Not only has Lino’s affiliate programme taken off, its marketing activities is being steered from the Ingenious Enterprise platform. All active channels are now being integrated into the platform, so that Linio can gain an integrated omni-channel view of all marketing activities.

Single source of data

Additionally, to increase efficiency of Linio’s processes, the third-party tracking technologies of 30 of Linio’s external networks have been implemented. The tracking of all links shared by partners or on other channels (e.g. social media, SEM, SEO), as well as deduplication on all conversions have also been automated. This was based on a customised attribution model that matches Linio’s internal system, so that Linio is able to gain valuable real-time insights from all channels on a single platform.

Dedicated support

Linio has also benefited from dedicated support from Ingenious Technologies in the form of Managed Service. This meant that the Ingenious team helped to monitor the business performance, manage daily operational tasks, and look out for business optimisation opportunities – all on Linio’s behalf.

RESULTS in 18 months

Launch of Linio network in 8 countries and over 3000 partners

Third party tracking technologies of 30 networks implemented

Multiply sales on Ingenious by 50


“Working with Ingenious Enterprise has allowed us to quickly grow and expand Linio’s affiliate programme across Latin America. The expertise of the Ingenious team, has been a key factor to achieve our current success.”

Nicholas Ziyang, Regional Head of Display and Affiliates