Case Study

Logitravel and partners gain transparency in real-time through the all-in-one marketing platform

The customer


Founded in Mallorca in 2004, Logitravel Group is a Spanish tourism group with the greatest international reach. The group leads in online sales of a large variety of holiday products, such as holidays (flight + hotel), accommodation, circuits, cruises, flights, trains, ferries, cars and activities. Logitravel serves the group as a 100% holiday online travel agent, with the priority objective and a clear positioning in online holiday product sales in the European and American markets.

Apart from its large offerings, the core of Logitravel is to offer an online travel agency designed to fit and respond to users’ multi-screen needs. Its cutting-edge technology and international certifications mean that their customers can book their holidays with them conveniently and confidently.

Their challenge

Getting customizable technology capable of growing with them


To strive in the highly competitive travel industry and expand market share, Logitravel places a lot of focus on their marketing partners. Logitravel establishes direct relationships with strategic partners through their own private affiliate network, as well as maintains presence in public affiliate networks to reach out to partners they are not yet aware of.

Logitravel had previously worked with an open-source system to manage their direct relationships. However, as their network grew, the system faced limitations in its functionalities and reporting, as well as automation and deduplication.


Yet Logitravel needed to manage more publishers, faster. Therefore, Logitravel was on a lookout for a marketing technology that enables them to grow and steer their private affiliate network easily, to integrate their present public networks. Furthermore, the technology needed to be scalable enough to handle sudden increases in activity volume due to the seasonality, where the traffic is approximately 4 to 5 times more in high season.

Since Logitravel has experience working with BI systems, they have a clear idea of what they need: the marketing technology should be customizable down to the granularity they would like, as well as able to synchronise all data collected with their internal systems in real-time.


Connect existing private and public partners

Get scalability to support growth

Collect marketing data in real-time

Sync with internal systems

Define own rules and preferences flexibly


“Since we start using Ingenious Enterprise we are able to manage our online marketing activities in an unprecedented way.”

Tomeu Bennasar, CEO Logitravel

Our solution

Analysing all their performance data on a single platform

Strong first-party tracking

Today, Logitravel works with Ingenious Enterprise to gain flexibility and transparency over their marketing activities. Ingenious Enterprise enables Logitravel to track their marketing activities accurately through first-party tracking, and analyse their performance on a single platform. In doing so, they are able to understand better their customer journeys, make better attribution, identify their strategic combination of channels and partners, and make smart decisions to optimize their marketing.


Logitravel can easily extract data concerning the performance of their partners, both those who have a direct relationship with Logitravel and those connected via public networks. Through Ingenious Enterprise, Logitravel can individually define the criteria, commission models and rules for their partners. In return, each direct partner receives an individual login, which leads them to a UI with full transparency of their performance in real-time.

Connectivity capabilities

In addition, by working with Ingenious Enterprise as a middleware, Logitravel can configure and sync their internal BI system, such that transactions tracked are automatically validated in real-time.

global scalability

To support Logitravel’s internationalization plan, Ingenious Enterprise supports them by offering the platform in multiple languages, currencies and tax systems, so they can get the data they need for actionable insights, and nurture their strategic relationships with top affiliates for greater sales.

RESULTS in 18 months

Marketing data collected accurately via first-party tracking

Holistic view of all marketing activities on one platform

Extract partner performance data

Individually defined commission models

Synced internal databases

International support


“It’s the first time we get total transparency on our affiliation channel, allowing us to make a better attribution. Ingenious team has offered great flexibility to provide us with a broad range of individual reports and valuable business information.”

Tomeu Bennasar, CEO Logitravel