Case Study

ZooRoyal relies on Ingenious Enterprise for a central in-house marketing platform

The customer


Headquartered in Cologne, ZooRoyal is the third largest online distributor of pet food and accessories in Germany. Since 2008, ZooRoyal has been providing its customers with innovative products. Since 2014, ZooRoyal is a subsidiary of the REWE Group.

Today, its product offering includes over 10,000 articles and is delivered throughout Europe from Spain to Sweden. ZooRoyal’s mission is to make pet owners’ lives even better by providing their favourite companions with the best array of treats to be pampered anywhere – delivered right to their doorstep.

Their challenge

Getting marketing technology that is customisable to their own ERP and logistics system


In order to maintain full control over the business, ZooRoyal developed its own ERP and logistics system, and was on the search for a technology provider for its online marketing operations. The technology needed to empower ZooRoyal to manage its own marketing activities in-house and give ZooRoyal the freedom of adapting the software to its needs and have a seamless integration into its IT-infrastructure. This should apply from the integration of all internal data sources to the generation of reports and ratings according to its own defined KPIs.

Accurate tracking data

Like many other fast-growing e-commerce, ZooRoyal is active in countless marketing channels, both online and offline. Because of this, it is important that the new marketing technology collects all data accurately and centrally in real-time, so ZooRoyal can gain valuable insights in the performance of all its marketing activities in time.

Specific attribution needs

Additionally, ZooRoyal has clear preferences in the attribution of its marketing activities. For instance, ZooRoyal makes a clear distinction between first and assist-interaction, so brand keywords needed to be given a lower priority than display ads. It is also preferred that ZooRoyal can adjust the attribution time frame so only display ads viewed within x hours of the final conversion would be considered. Because of this, the marketing technology would need to provide the flexibility to individualize the attribution rules.

Multi-channel tracking

On top of that, ZooRoyal needed a platform that is scalable, both in terms of technological capacity but also in terms of support for foreign languages, currencies and tax systems, in order to support ZooRoyal’s growth and expansion plans.


Connect existing data sources

Collect marketing data in real-time

Define own rules and preferences flexibily

Get scalability to support growth


“What Ingenious Technologies offers us has far exceeded our expectations. They have gone above and beyond to provide excellent technology and consultancy services to ensure that our marketing operations enjoy maximum efficiency and output.”

Jens Grafe, Head of Digital Marketing

Our solution

A combination of strong technology and reliable consultancy – customized to their needs

Strong first-party tracking

Today, with the first-party tracking engine implemented under its own domain, ZooRoyal tracks data from over 50 marketing channels. This includes paid search, paid social media, display advertising, retargeting, affiliate networks, direct partnerships with large portals, internal marketing channels (e.g. CRM newsletter marketing), as well as offline voucher campaigns with supermarkets and retailers. Millions of Euros worth of transactions are now tracked on Ingenious Enterprise in a single month. The customer journeys are being mapped and presented clearly, so that ZooRoyal can identify and optimise advertising partners that are indispensable to their customers’ decision-making.

personalized Attribution logic

With Ingenious Enterprise, ZooRoyal is able to set any preferred type of rules, so that the attribution logic set in place is exactly the way that is preferred. All reports are also generated based on customised KPIs and implemented under ZooRoyal’s domains, ensuring that Ingenious Enterprise becomes the interface between ZooRoyal’s internal and external data sources.

Consultancy services

Ingenious Technologies offers not just the necessary technology platform, but also the consultancy services and expertise. For instance, as part of a Managed Service, Ingenious Technologies takes an active role in maintaining and developing ZooRoyal’s connectivity with its marketing channels and partners. Ingenious Technologies also connects directly with the people, who determine the technical and marketing direction, for frequent exchanges when developing ideas or implementing goals.

global scalability

ZooRoyal has expanded its business and now operate in two additional markets, France and Austria, with the Ingenious Enterprise platform. As the data consolidated on the platform is standardised, this central data source allows them to reduce complexity in managing their marketing processes. With Ingenious Enterprise as the leading data source, ZooRoyal can make smarter choices about their partner choices, marketing investments and expansion strategy.


Marketing data collected from over 50 channels

Individualised tracking and attribution logic

Reports customised to internal KPIs

Seamless integration of internal and external data

Consultancy services from Ingenious Technologies

Expanded into 2 additional markets


“To us, Ingenious Technologies is not just a technology provider but also a strategic long-term business partner.”

Jens Grafe, Head of Digital Marketing