Standard Support

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1. Introduction

The Ingenious Enterprise software is designed to be used in self-service. To help clients succeed with all daily operational tasks, we offer our customer support on Standard level. The Standard support is available for questions on the correct usage of the following functions and activities.


2. Key Functions and Activities

2.1. Data Structure Support

The Ingenious Enterprise platform offers unparalleled freedom in creating a customised data structure. Maintaining and expanding settings and tracking properties is key to using its full potential. We answer our clients’ questions on the areas outlined below:

  • Creation and editing of basic advertiser settings
  • Definition of basic tracking settings (incl. SEO-friendly links with click-in tracking)
  • Creation and management of conversion targets
  • Creation and management of product categories
  • Configuration of tracking code for conversions
  • Configuration of onpage-code
  • Assignment of partners to channels and categories

2.2. Business Process Support

The Ingenious Enterprise system manages commercial and contractual business processes between network, advertisers and partners. We answer our clients’ questions on the areas outlined below:

  • Definition of advertiser billing mode and payment information
  • Support on the preparation and upload of branded marketing material needed to launch (logo, description, terms and conditions)
  • Creation and management of commission models
  • Assignment of partners to commission models and commission rules
  • Creation and management of dashboard widgets
  • Questions about the reporting section

2.3. Operations Support

Daily management of the Ingenious Enterprise platform is designed to be efficient for all users of the network. We answer our clients’ questions on the areas outlined below:

  • Management of standard ad media (tracking links, image banners)
  • Management of vouchers
  • Configuration of voucher tracking
  • Management of partner admissions to network and advertisers
  • Real-time information about the status of your Ingenious Enterprise system

2.4 Financial Process Support

The integrated invoicing and pay-out functions of the Ingenious Enterprise platform streamline the financial process of your performance marketing activities running through your solution. We answer our clients’ questions on the areas outlined below:

  • Creation of advertiser invoices and deposits
  • Execution of bonus or reduction entries for partners
  • Export of open transactions
  • Confirmation or rejection of open transactions
  • Import of modified transactions
  • Creation of payment entries for partners

2.5. Service Delivery

Our technical and operational experts provide help on the use of the Ingenious Enterprise platform in various ways.

  • Access to customer support team
  • Request of support via e-mail
  • Help on system functions
  • Response to a support request within maximum two business days (during business hours Monday-Friday from 9am-6pm CET)
  • Contingent of up to 12 service requests via e-mail per month
  • Access to full documentation of your system for network, advertisers and partners