Support Services

Want to work with our technology? No client gets left alone, as their success is our highest priority. That’s why we offer helpful resources for every skill level that go hand-in-hand with a state-of-the-art technology.

You’ll never walk alone

Our support services accompany every platform user, so that they get the support they need to carry out their day-to-day tasks, analyse, optimize and perform – with confidence.

Get the answers to your needs

We continuously work on ensuring users get the answers they need quickly via our knowledge base, service desk, Slack and Hangouts.

Unleash the potential of your technology

We inform users regularly of new and enhanced features, as well as helpful tips that could help their daily work and the business as a whole.

Drive transformation to your partner marketing

Premium Support customers can even enjoy consultancy services, designed for strategic optimization for better partner marketing.


To support teams with their operational needs

Standard Support is designed for teams that only require support when it comes to operational tasks, finding out what works where.

  • Guidance from Ingenious experts
  • Request help using our service desk
  • Fast first response
  • Comprehensive documentation of all functionalities
  • Comprehensive documentation of API methods


To support teams operationally and provide consultation to get the most out of the platform

Premium Support is designed for teams that wish to get quicker support, as well as to make use of consultancy services in order to benefit from the platform strategically.

  • Guidance from Ingenious experts
  • Request help using our service desk, Slack and Hangout
  • Priority queue in support request
  • Comprehensive documentation of all functionalities
  • Comprehensive documentation of API methods
  • Consulting for workflows and processes in the platform
  • Support on API method utilisation
  • Support on 3rd-party tracking integration

* Business hours are Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm CET.

Supported topics

Data Structure Support

The Partner Marketing Platform offers unparalleled freedom in creating a customised data structure. We support our clients on topics such as maintaining and expanding settings and tracking properties.


Implementing new advertisers and partners is key to growing business with the Partner Marketing Platform. Our support covers even sophisticated technical integrations in container tags of the advertiser and external tracking systems of partners and networks.

Business Process Support

The Partner Marketing Platform manages commercial and contractual business processes between network, advertisers and partners. We support our clients on topics such as managing commission models, rules and fee models, reporting and analytics.

Operations Support

Daily management of the Ingenious Enterprise platform is designed to be efficient for all users of the network. We support our clients on the management of creatives, vouchers and managing partner admissions.

Financial Process Support

The integrated invoicing and payout functions of the Partner Marketing Platform streamline the financial process of your performance marketing activities. We support our clients when it comes to creating invoices and deposits, as well as managing transactions and basket positions.


“What Ingenious Technologies offers us has far exceeded our expectations. They have gone above and beyond to provide excellent technology and consultancy services to ensure that our marketing operations enjoy maximum efficiency and output. To us, Ingenious Technologies is not just a technology provider but also a strategic long-term business partner.”

Jens Grafe

Head of Digital Marketing, ZooRoyal

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