State-of-the-Art Technology

Innovative Tracking Engine

Through the implementation of the 1st-party tracking engine under your own domain, all online marketing activities of our clients and partners can be gathered and attributed in real-time.

To guarantee an unrivalled tracking accuracy of 99.99%, our technology works hand-in-hand with multiple validation methods. Specifically, it takes 7 variables into consideration, thereby guaranteeing that no data gets lost. We capture an average of 20% incremental business data and transactions than conventional tracking systems.

Infrastructure: Cost-efficient and Scalable

We have highly scalable environments in place within our infrastructure thanks to the modular system architecture. Due to distributed cloud run-time environments, the system is capable of handling increased load or the load can be distributed over several servers. Plus, system stability and maximum availability are cost-efficiently guaranteed via the redundancy of the fundamental components. Moreover, we have modern performance management and monitoring tools at our disposal.

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Modular Construction – Gain Speed and Flexibility through the Interface

Since we are working within a modular environment, we are able to update and keep our technology to the highest market standards easily. Our R&D team is able to edit, improve and enhance isolated modules of our product, thus providing you with updates quickly and seamlessly.

Workflows und Processes - Big Data, High Performance

We recognize your need to work with large volumes of data and aggregate it for the purposes of Business Intelligence.

Therefore, our workflows and processes are intended for working with large data volumes and high performance. Inherent to our services is a high level of automation in order to minimize manual effort.


Custom Development with Ingenious API

Thanks to the Ingenious API/SDK, clients are able to develop their own functionalities and applications on top of the Ingenious Enterprise platform. Furthermore, the platform serves as the middleware between externally tracked data and clients’ internal BI, ERP and CRM systems. (The development of the Ingenious API/SDK is executed by our subsidiary Qyotta.)

Maintain data sovereignty

We enable our clients to accurately gather, structure and enhance sensitive data around digital interaction with their clients and partners, while keeping data sovereignty. We maintain the highest possible standards in the observation of data protection according to German and European law.

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Ingenious Enterprise

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