The Ingenious Training Concept

Get the training you need to achieve your online marketing goals with the Ingenious Enterprise platform.

Training with focus.

Time and resources are precious in our industry. Therefore, we want to make sure you and your colleagues receive the training you really need.


We currently offer training for the following topics:

  • Platform concept & tracking
  • Platform access
  • Partner management & communication
  • Ad media
  • Reporting
  • Rating & validation
  • Accounting & payment

More details about these trainings can be found below.


What you need. When you need it.

To ensure that our training topics fit your agenda, we offer every training as a webinar, so you can jump onboard wherever you are. You can also book a training in your own office. Trainings are available in English, German and Spanish. If you are interested, please contact your Ingenious Technologies account manager so we can schedule a training for you.

Training details

Platform concept & tracking
The Ingenious Enterprise platform concept and tracking training is aimed at employees who need to understand the platform as a whole. In this training, you will learn about all the possibilities the platform offers and the logic behind them. On top of that, we will explain to you how our tracking technology works.

Platform access
This is particularly relevant for managers and administrators. You will learn about everything related to access to the Ingenious Enterprise platform, such as the DOI process, how to create users for your team and of course our highly customizable rights and roles management.

Partner management & communication
During this training, you will learn how to manage your partners on the Ingenious Enterprise platform. We will discuss the registration process, the user interface your partners use and all the possibilities the platform offers for communication with your partners. You will also learn how your partners can implement their own tracking applications.

Ad media
Managing ad media well is a vital element of successful online marketing. You will learn how to use the Ingenious Enterprise platform to provide ad media to your partners in the most efficient way, how to use the hosting feature and how to enable your partners to work with your product data.

The Ingenious Enterprise platform offers you multiple options to monitor your marketing channels. During this training, you will understand the value of every reporting tool for your business and how to work with it. It is particularly relevant for marketing managers and people working in the field of business intelligence.

Rating & validation
This training covers all topics that are related to rating, such as commissions for your partners, monitoring costs for your SEA channel, etc. You will also learn how to validate transactions on the Ingenious Enterprise platform. Therefore, the training is particularly relevant for everyone who has the responsibility for one or more marketing channels.

Accounting & payment
The Ingenious Enterprise platform has elaborate accounting and payment features: you can manage the whole billing process of your partners via the platform and even pay them directly. This training is not only important for accountants and everyone dealing with finance, but also for partner managers.

To participate in a training, please contact your Ingenious Technologies account manager.