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Managing voucher campaigns with Ingenious Enterprise

Vouchers as part of your online marketing strategy

Voucher codes, also known as discount codes and promotional codes, are one of the most popular options e-commerce merchants use in their online marketing strategy. They are often aimed at generating sales and to attracting new customers.


Voucher codes are either published by e-commerce merchants themselves or the partners in their private affiliate network. Customers simply need to enter the code during checkout, in order to enjoy a rebate off their purchase. In doing so, affiliate partners that delivered this voucher code will be paid a commission for driving the sale.

Managing voucher campaigns with Ingenious Enterprise

With the voucher tool on Ingenious Enterprise, you can create, monitor and maintain voucher campaigns easily. On your customised Ingenious platform, you can implement the coupon codes easily and set the rules applicable. In return, your affiliate partners will view the same information on their user interface.


Specifically, the tool provides you with the flexibility as you define your own parameters according to your marketing strategy. For instance, you can limit vouchers to new customers only. Additionally, you can restrict them to specific ad spaces of your partners. They will therefore be targeted to a more specific audience, allowing you to push your sales and increase marketing ROI.


As all data will be consolidated on the platform, both you and your affiliate partners can analyse the voucher campaign in comparison with all other online marketing activities and conversion targets respectively, so that its performance can be further optimised.

Stop fraud

Unfortunately, while voucher campaigns are on the rise, so is voucher fraud. There are ever more unauthorised publishers copying codes off other publishers and placing on their site as their own, in order to gain commission for the sales delivered as a result of the codes.


Therefore, our solution is designed to trace the path of the voucher codes and to set rules for unauthorized usage of your exclusive affiliate vouchers. Should fraud occur, you may decide not to pay out commissions at all or to trace down and reward the original authorized publisher instead.

Optimise your marketing strategy

While voucher campaigns are often part of an online marketing strategy, they offer great opportunities for combining both online and offline channels. E-commerce merchants may decide to give away flyers containing the voucher codes in-store, so that customers can gain a rebate online. Conversely, the merchants may place codes in email newsletters, which customers can redeem when purchasing in-store. With the implementation of our intelligent tracking, you are able to monitor the path of each code, be it offline or online.


With Ingenious Enterprise, you will be able to manage your voucher campaigns and optimise the performance marketing strategy of your e-commerce successfully.

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