Why Ingenious Technologies


Cloud-Based Business Analytics and Marketing Automation

At Ingenious Technologies, we develop and operate a cloud-based platform focused on business analytics and marketing automation for all relevant processes in online marketing. The award-winning platform makes use of real white-label technology for accurate data gathering.

360-Degree View of All Marketing Activities on One Platform

We allow our clients to insource and optimise their online businesses via one platform, fully data-driven and based on their own KPIs.


Real-Time Data Gathering and Automation

We help our clients gain speed in their decision-making thanks to our comprehensive real-time data gathering and automation of processes around digital marketing.

All Relevant KPIs at a Glance

Our clients can gain transparency of their sales, revenue, costs and all KPIs relevant to their business, based on extensive near-time and real-time statistics and analysis.


More Sales and Revenue for Your E-Commerce

We enable our clients to conduct flexible attribution, so that they can easily identify synergies among marketing channels and reallocate budgets for higher ROI and ultimately higher customer lifetime value.

Unlimited Scalability

We know your needs for growth. Therefore, our platform has multilingual and multi-currency capabilities as well as a guaranteed worldwide availability and up-time, making our platform perfect for boosting your business on an international scale.


Customization Flexibility

Need the platform to exactly match to your specific needs? No problem. Clients can choose to engage our custom development services to develop additional functionalities and applications on top of the Ingenious Enterprise platform, so that it works with all your existing systems and processes.

This service is supported by our subsidiary Qyotta.

Benefit from a Leading Innovator

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Our innovative product is based on experienced e-business developers and managers in co-operation with large e-business players worldwide: Our customers benefit from the latest omni-channel technology, a comprehensive white-label platform for your private network and innovative billing, accounting & payment solutions.

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Ingenious Enterprise

The Performance Solution for Business Analytics And Marketing Automation