Want to manage your financial processes easily?

You’re in the right place. Say goodbye to tedious manual work and hello to transparency across teams.

Easily incentivise your marketing partners

Every partner is different. Get the full flexibility you need to reward your partners through commission models and boost their performance for your business.

Save time with flexible validation methods

Cater to any changes in transactions through a validation method of your choice, and ensure your partners receive the right amount.

Reduce discrepancies with our banking tool

Paying partners across the globe becomes a piece of cake, when you conduct partner payouts and manage advertiser invoices via the platform.

The Only Finance Tool You’ll Ever Need

Gain speed and accuracy in your financial processes in a close and safe GAAP-compliant environment

Commission management

Customisable incentive, bonus and commission models to decide how much to pay per partner/campaign

Flexible validation process

Validate revenue and costs manually, through import/export of transactions, or fully automated via API


Auditable documents

Create GAAP and IFRS-compliant deposits, invoices and credit notes easily exported as PDF files

Template builder

Create and customise deposits, invoices and credit notes easily thanks to a drag-and-drop template builder

International coverage

Grow your business with ease thanks to the easily tailored currency, language and tax systems available on the platform

Comprehensive reports

Analyse and evaluate the performance of your marketing activities based on your preferred parameter

Efficient payout process

Group your transactions or partners according to the countries they operate in or your defined categories, and pay all of your partners at one go

Integrable banking module

Connect your bank account to view all confirmed invoice notes and conduct real-time payouts within the same user interface

Flexible rights and roles

Customize user access based on their responsibilities and your corporate security model through a highly configurable rights and roles management

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Managing your finances doesn’t have to be hard

Join these brands in relying on Ingenious Partner Marketing Platform to simplify your financial processes.

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