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For Business Analytics And Marketing Automation

Other Use Cases to Empower Your Digital Marketing

1st-Party Omnichannel Tracking

Accurately track your marketing activities across all channels and devices for a holistic overview of your business

Real-time Attribution & Deduplication

Identify your strategic marketing activities, optimize your marketing mix to make the most of your marketing investments

Customer Journey Analysis

Capture all touch points of the customer journey and identify your customers’ purchase patterns

Big Data Analysis & Optimisation

Aggregate and consolidate all your marketing data according to your defined structure and KPIs

White-Label Private Advertising Network

Manage and optimize your partnerships across all marketing channels and traffic sources on your own network

Rating, Accounting, Billing and Payment

Generate invoice and billing documents easily and automate your manual financial procedures

Tag Management & 3rd-Party Tracking

Empower your sales and marketing team with easy technical integration processes and reduce IT dependencies

Middleware Connectors

Connect your internal systems (CRM, BI, ERP) and other data sources to enrich your reports

Ingenious Enterprise

A Single Platform for Your Business Analytics And Marketing Automation