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Channel sales partnerships have a great leverage for enterprises to increase their growth. Ingenious offers a web based platform where enterprises can automate their channel sales partnerships to grow, make money and save money.



with all kinds of partnerships. Scale-up (more transactions with strategic partners) and scale-out (more partners on the long-tail) in your partner network.

Make Money

using our landscape of eight tightly integrated products and proprietary technology to form partnerships, incentivize them, measure success, and control financial processes.

Save Money

through streamlining of processes between departments inside a single platform, and eliminating waste of time and resources.
TCF registered Vendor_Ingenious-Technologies
TCF registered Vendor_Ingenious-Technologies

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Our Partner Marketing Platform is designed to help businesses manage their marketing channels, strategic relationships and processes easily – all in one place. This way, they are equipped with accurate data as well as automated processes, and can easily identify the winning recipe to maximise revenue.

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Advertisers / Merchants

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Performance Networks

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What our clients say

“In our search to provide more transparency on the idealo-performance for our merchants, we wanted to offer a convenient tracking solution and were happy to have found Ingenious and their powerful platform. They offer a great flexibility for our merchants to track absolutely any KPI they desire and need.”
Franziska Grunwald

Head of Partner Management, idealo

“It’s the first time we get total transparency on our affiliation channel, allowing us to make a better attribution. Ingenious team has offered great flexibility to provide us with a broad range of individual reports and valuable business information.”
Tomeu Bennasar

CEO, Logitravel

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