Get more sales out of your marketing partnerships

The Ingenious Partner Marketing Platform enables you to accurately and effortlessly track, analyse or manage your partner marketing.

Partner Marketing Platform

Where you manage your brands, channels and affiliates to collaborate and succeed together


In-house partner management

Manage your marketing partners directly and provide them with their own dedicated UI

Multi-channel approach

Integrate and connect data from all your marketing channels to get the holistic overview

First-party tracking

Minimize lost marketing activities, and be future-proof, by using our 1st party tracking technology

Comprehensive reports

Slice your data with a multitude of reports to identify growth areas in your marketing

GDPR compliant

Collect and handle data in accordance with GDPR regulations

Configurable attribution rules

Define rule-based prioritization and avoid the outdated last-click wins standard

Commission and fees

Define your business relationships with versatile commission and fee management options

Financial management

Customise and generate invoices and credit notes that are U.S. and German GAAP compliant, stored in the cloud

Built for every business

No matter what

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“From maintenance to innovation with Managed Services”

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