In today’s employee spotlight, we find out more about our Sales Manager, Felix Kleinsorge!

Don’t be fooled by how young Felix is – he is among the most experienced employees at the company. He started as an intern in the sales team, and then a year in the operations team to gain more expertise on clients’ needs. Now he has been a core member of the sales team for over three years, and is well able to explain a sophisticated technology meant for a complex business need – simply.

Self-motivated with a can-do attitude, Felix always brings positive energy in the office, no matter his challenges. In our interview with him, we learn more about what a day in his work entails, as well as his view on our technology.

Meet Felix!

Hi Felix, what’s a day in life as a Sales Manager at Ingenious like?

Where do I start… As a Sales Manager at Ingenious, my job is very diverse. I start the day with lead generation and end with contract negotiation. Every day is different. You have different talks, in different situations, in different languages with our clients or potential clients. There is no standard day in Sales. I do cold calling where I have to explain our company and product from scratch and simply. I have live demonstrations with potential clients where I show single functionalities in detail. On the other hand, I create offers, negotiate prices and meet interesting people at networking events.

Speaking to potential clients at a tradeshow

Even though you’ve already had so much experience in the team, you’re still young. Is this a challenge for you in sales?

At the beginning it was quite hard to start to create and manage my own meetings, leads and opportunities. I started working in our Customer Support team to learn everything about our product and to understand the operational difficulties of our clients. I need to say it was a big challenge for me to go out of my comfort zone but our very experienced team helped me from the beginning to be highly professional and they coached me whenever necessary. The age never played a role for me.

How would you explain in one line why CMOs should find out more about our platform?

CMOs need to focus on managing budgets, targets and teams. With Ingenious you’re getting an overview of everything.

What about when speaking to people who have no idea about our industry at all – what would you tell them about what we do?

We have a tracking system that helps websites/online shops to understand their business relationships and the context between clicks and sales. We are tracking clicks which are generated via banners, all sales that happened on the website/online shop, as well as the journey behaviour of the customers.

At a client event with fellow sales manager Taufan Gampper

Business aside, I heard that you’re a passionate cook. What do you like to cook and why?

I really like cooking simple things like soups or meat with vegetables. The interesting way of being a good cook is cooking something very simple and make it taste sensational.

I love to eat. I learned how to do delicious food at home. It is the time after work where I am often on my own and this is the time where I relax from work. Additionally, I like to make other people happy, and with food it’s easy.

What are some of your goals for the next few years?

My goal for the next years is gathering more and more experience in closing huge deals with international big clients.
Thank you, Felix! We hope you achieve your goal 🙂