For travel players and OTAs

Gain an edge above the noise. Grow your business with partners effortlessly.

Whether they are purchasing goods or engaging in long-term contracts, you can react to your customers in an agile manner. Integrate our scalable technology into your marketing infrastructure and finally understand what brings your customers to purchase.

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Grow your margins through efficient marketing speed

To gain an edge in the competitive, price-sensitive travel market, you can raise revenue and lower cost of sale with efficient partner marketing spend. Get accurate, actionable insights on your partners’ performance and remunerate according to your conditions.

Reach and convince your customers wherever they are.

Tap onto your partners’ potential to reach your customers no matter the phase of their purchase journey. Nurture strong relations with your strategic content publishers and influencers.

Gain speed externally and internally.

React quickly to your customers’ demands, and streamline your operational processes. Integrate data silos to gain quick and actionable analyses from customer journeys. Refocus on having your team bring you true business value.


“Since we start using Ingenious’ Partner Marketing Platform we are able to manage our online marketing activities in an unprecedented way. For the first time we get total transparency on our affiliation channel, allowing us to make a better attribution. Ingenious Technologies’ team has offered great flexibility to provide us with a broad range of individual reports and valuable business information.”

Tomeu Bennasar

CEO, Logitravel

Your Benefits At A Glance

Identify sweet spots, optimize ad spend and tap onto your partners for growth – on a single platform

Attract customers where they are

Connect your partners to reach new and existing customers, no matter where they are on their buying journey.

Up to 40% more data than you already track

Analyses are only as good as your data. That’s why we pay special attention to the accuracy of our first-party tracking engine – so you get the data you need.

Identify valuable opportunities

Dive into the macro and micro customer journeys to analyse patterns and identify best profit-making campaign and channel combinations.

Versatile commission management

Offer a variety of commission models in addition to the classic CPC, so you can better respond to the needs of the markets and merchants.

Easy invoicing and payment

Managing partners’ invoicing can be tedious, but not with us. We make invoicing and billing runs across countries, currencies and tax systems easy.

High data compatibility via API

Extract, analyse and connect data with your existing back-office systems with our open API for a holistic IT infrastructure.