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The retail industry is more dynamic than ever. Online retail has nearly overtaken traditional brick-and-mortars in sales. Customers rule the industry. To be competitive, you have to adapt to their decision-making behaviour and focus your budget on the most strategic activities. We can help.
More data, better insights, higher efficiency. Make smart data-driven decisions on a single marketing platform.

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The Retail Industry

Customer behaviour is getting more complex: some prefer to have their purchase delivered to their doorstep, some prefer click-and-collect, while some research online while buying in-store. No retail player can afford to be solely offline anymore. While working with top retail clients, we also observed that:

  • There is fierce competition worldwide and in new forms (e.g. portals, marketplaces) due to today’s new ease of selling
  • Customers have easy access to information, so retailers have to compete based on value offering rather than price
  • Customers place higher trust in other customers’ opinions, therefore working with word-of-mouth channels such as social media and influential partners has become ever more important
  • Most retail players have many different technologies in place, but are lacking a consolidated view of their online and offline marketing activities

What can we do for you?

Ingenious Technologies can empower retail players to make efficient business decisions to boost their business.


Ingenious Enterprise is the only platform capable of connecting all your internal and external data sources on one platform, and aggregating all data in real-time.


With us, retail players can enjoy features like basket tracking, voucher management and omni-channel reports to optimize their marketing processes.


You can benefit from our consultancy services and support to learn from best practices and make the best use of your marketing platform.

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