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The all-in-one platform to manage your marketing partnerships

We believe in tracking everything. How?

1st-party tracking

Increase tracking accuracy by using your own 1st-party domains and avoid potential ad-blocking

Offline to online & cross-device tracking

With our progressive attribution functionality, you can track your customers offline and online, as well as across devices

Voucher code tracking

Track your vouchers and control their use easily with our voucher tool

Basket freeze

Our basket freeze functionality ensures your vouchers add incremental value instead of last-minute cannibalization

Conversion forwarding

Transfer data and integrate other systems in real-time using our UI-configurable 3rd-party pixel firing (browser-side and server-side)


SEO-friendly links

Provide SEO-friendly tracking URLs for your partners and reap the benefits in organic search results


Tracking switch

Implement Ingenious as your leading tracking system to benefit from our cutting-edge functionalities across all of your marketing integrations

Post-view tracking

Add view data to your customer journeys to better analyse the effectiveness of your branding campaigns and attract partners

We believe partnerships should be exclusive. How?

Partner exclusivity

Own your marketing partnerships exclusively; there are no public partner pools with Ingenious

Dedicated admin and partner interfaces

Your admin and partner interfaces are not shared with any other customers; they are yours exclusively

True data independence

Your data is stored separately and independently; we don’t mix data here at Ingenious

Data ownership

Your data is yours only; we do not use your data to further our own business interests

We believe your brand comes first. How?

Full white-label

Fully customise the platform in your own branding to make it truly yours

1st-party domains

All domains within Ingenious (login URLs, tracking URLs, API calls) are run over your 1st-party domain


Customisable finance templates

Customise your billing documents to your look and feel and with your desired financial information

Branded communication

Communication to your partners is sent via your email servers, retaining your branding throughout all interactions

We believe understanding the customer is king. How?

Conversion targets

Model the interactions you care about with commercial and analytical triggers

Real-time attribution

Real-time attribution model the interactions that you define as important, giving you the clearest picture of your customers

Customer journey analytics

Dive into the macro and micro customer journeys to identify patterns and optimise channel overlaps

Channel and device analytics

Gain deep insight into your marketing mix and your customers’ device behaviours

Individual dashboards

Stay on top of your partners’ performance with real-time dashboards configured to display your desired KPIs

Bulk export/import

As standard our features come with bulk export/import capabilities saving you wasted time and frustration

We believe finance should be easy. How?

Commission management

Set commission models based on your preferred performance indicators and pay your advertisers and partners out easily individually or in bulk via the platform

Commission bonus rules

Define rules, such as fixed bonuses or commission model upgrades, to automatically reward your partners and boost their performance

Billing run management

Easily manage billing runs (regardless of the number of partners) with just a few clicks

Cloud-based document storage

All of your generated financial documents are stored safely and securely in the cloud


100% GAAP-compliance

Control your financial processes in a GAAP-compliant manner

International capability

Tailor your financial documents currencies, tax systems, languages to the relevant markets you are present in

We believe technology should work for you. How?


Automated data transfer across systems

Make data compatible and automate transfer between differing systems by defining rules and translations that are executed in real-time


Automated validation

We provide a variety of automation to free you from low value manual validation work; we believe your time can be better spent

Central parameter management

Consolidate and easily manage your additional parameters so that they are automatically added to click-throughs, with no hardcoding necessary and human-error eliminated

Real-time deduplication

Automatically deduplicate with our sophisticated tracking switch so you don’t have to do it manually ever again


Automate and integrate Ingenious workflows into your marketing ecosystem using our 1st-party branded API

With Ingenious, you benefit from…


Single source of truth

Ingenious is built to be your leading system, structuring and consolidating data from all of your external providers, making it ready for analysis.


Data accuracy

We track everything, so you can choose how deeply you want to analyse your data, even down to the raw data, all with no data sampling applied.

Cost saving

We charge monthly based on your product usage, not your business results.

Time saving

We provide various automations so you can stop wasting your time with manual work.

Control over your data

You can organise your tracked data and consolidate it according to your data structure and KPIs.

Fully comprehensive solution

We cover all your needs from providing a publisher interface all the way down to storing your financial documents.

Serviced by industry experts

Our team consists of online marketing professionals bringing many years of varied experience to the table.

Cloud native infrastructure

With our Google Cloud Partnership, we deliver you security and reliability of the highest standards.

Hear it from our clients

“Ingenious Technologies have gone above and beyond to provide excellent technology and consultancy services to ensure that our marketing operations enjoy maximum efficiency and output. To us, they are not just a technology provider but also a strategic long-term business partner.”

Jens Grafe

Head of Digital Marketing, ZooRoyal

“It’s the first time we get total transparency on our affiliation channel, allowing us to make a better attribution. The Ingenious team has offered great flexibility to provide us with a broad range of individualised support and valuable business information.”

Tomeu Bennasar

CEO, Logitravel

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Join these brands and find out how Ingenious Enterprise can help you manage your marketing partnerships more effectively.

Don't be shy

Join these brands and find out how Ingenious Partner Marketing Platform can help you manage your marketing partnerships more effectively.