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The all-in-one platform to manage your advertisers

We believe in tracking everything. How?

Your own tracking technology

Get back control by offering advertisers a dedicated tracking technology just for your business

1st-party tracking

Offer an upgrade to 1st-party tracking to your advertisers to increase tracking accuracy and avoid potential ad-blocking

Flexible tracking

Easily integrate our tracking into all major tracking systems (DoubleClick, etc) via a variety of features built to ensure compatibility

Offline to online & cross-device tracking

With our progressive attribution functionality, you can track your customers offline and online, as well as across devices


Multiple sub IDs supported

Up to 6 sub IDs can be used to enrich your partners’ reporting or pass through to external systems

Basket tracking

Offer your advertisers basket tracking functionality to analyse the actual items that your users bought and optimise your business

Conversion forwarding

Transfer data and integrate other systems in real-time using our UI-configurable 3rd-party pixel firing (browser-side and server-side)

We believe in working smart. How?

Automated dashboards

Manage all of your advertisers at a glance with real-time dashboards configured to display your desired KPIs

Transaction validation

Advertisers can enjoy a variety of automations to free themselves from low value manual validation work

Multiple product feeds

Enable advertisers to directly and automatically distribute product details to partners, therefore increasing the attractiveness of their offers


Bulk export/import

As standard our features come with bulk export/import capabilities saving you from wasted time and frustration

One advertiser management platform

Consolidate and manage all of your advertisers within one platform, enabling you to work efficiently

Rights & roles

As account managers change, you can easily hand over access to client data to the new account manager

We believe understanding your customer is king. How?

Conversion targets

Model the interactions you care about with commercial and analytical triggers

Customer journey analytics

Dive into the macro and micro customer journeys to identify patterns and optimise channel overlaps

Channel and device analytics

Gain deep insight into your marketing mix and your customers’ device behaviours


Analyse the performance of your advertiser portfolio, across all markets, easily in one go


Ad media, reporting and payment exports available in CSV, XLS and XML via the UI or magic key export links


Automate and integrate Ingenious workflows into your own infrastructure using our 1st-party branded API

We believe in your brand. How?

Full white-label

Your business. Your network. Your branding. Your Ingenious platform.

1st-party domains

Provide your advertisers with dedicated UIs that are accessed over your 1st-party domain

Customisable finance templates

Easily generate billing documents for your advertisers based on defined templates with your branding and financial information

Branded communication

Customise your email templates and integrate your email services to use your branding in all communications sent out to your advertisers

We believe finance should be easy. How?

Fee management

Automated rule-based fee management to bill each advertiser according to your pricing strategy

Billing for Multiple Entities

Easily split and manage the billing for each entity on a single platform

Payment flexibility

Select your preferred payment process (e.g. pre or postpayment) according to your financial setup

International capability

Tailor your financial documents currencies, tax systems, languages) to the relevant markets you are present in

100% GAAP-compliance

Control your financial processes in a GAAP-compliant manner

Cloud-based document storage

All of your generated financial documents are stored safely and securely in the cloud

With Ingenious, you benefit from…


Single source of truth

Ingenious is built to be your leading system, structuring and consolidating data from all external providers, making it ready for analysis.

Data accuracy

We track everything, so you can provide your clients granular data-driven insights, even down to raw data analysis, all with no data sampling applied.

Cost saving

We charge monthly based on your product usage, not your business results.

Time saving

We provide various automations so you can manage your accounts with ease

Control over your data

You can organise your tracked data and consolidate it according to your desired data structure and your clients’ KPIs.

Fully comprehensive solution

We cover all your needs from providing a publisher interface all the way down to storing your financial documents.

Serviced by industry experts

Our team consists of online marketing professionals bringing many years of varied experience to the table.

Cloud native infrastructure

With our Google Cloud Partnership, we deliver you security and reliability of the highest standards.

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We know it takes more to visualise how this could help you. Therefore we’ve put together a case study with a leading price comparison portal idealo.

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