Control and protect access to your data.

Get a unified view into security policy across your entire organization and define role-based access control.

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Security of your organization comes first

With the Ingenious Rights & Roles System, your administrators can authorize who can take action in specific resources centrally. This provides a unified view into security policy across your entire organization. This comes in particularly handy if you have a complex organizational structure.

Control access to your data

The system provides a simple and consistent access control interface for all Ingenious products. It allows you to grant access to users at resource level (i.e. entities, advertisers, or partners) rather than on platform level. You can rely on pre-existing roles out of the box, or create your specific roles with dedicated permissions tailored to your enterprise‘s needs.

“Ingenious Technologies convinced us from the start with its very consistent technical solution and has become a valued consultant through the expertise of its employees.”

Georg Wiedemann

Head of Marketing, De Pauli AG

Flexible way to integrate

To access the functionality you can either use your white labeled graphical user interface, or your API. This gives you full flexibility to integrate your Ingenious platform to existing systems in your application landscape.

Rights & Roles

Define user access and restrictions. Set up a collection of access rights and choose from those templates for specific roles.

Password Policies

You define the password policies you want your users to respect: format, protection, update … You are in control!


Customize the set up of users and their policies. Create a collection of resources (e.g. advertisers, entities, partner) in combination with Rights & Roles. Define a set of actions a user can take for these ressources.

Magic Keys

Easily create protected links to access and share customized reports – from anywhere, anytime.

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Proven Results

Because we light and breathe Big Data, we believe in figures to illustrate success.
Here are the results of Access over the last 3 years:

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