We have news! After stringent evaluation, we are now a Google and Yahoo certified vendor. Our clients are now able to place banner ads from the Ingenious Enterprise platform onto Google and Yahoo using 1st party view pixels.


What does this mean exactly?

With this certification, our clients can now use banners that are already on the Ingenious Enterprise platform for their display advertising campaigns, allowing them to manage their banners in one place.

Additionally, our clients can now include a first-party tracking link to track ad impressions generated by their banner ads. The ad impressions data from Google and Yahoo campaigns will appear in the customer journeys on the Ingenious Enterprise platform, enabling clients to use them in attribution rules and thus better evaluate the effectiveness of their marketing spend on display advertising and retargeting.

All in all, marketers can finally measure ad impression KPIs from their display campaigns and react swiftly to performance results so that budgets are spent in the right fashion. The ad impression and conversion tracking is first-party (meaning via the client’s own domain), which results in unparalleled tracking accuracy – a reliable basis for their data-driven decisions. And the data presented is in real-time, so attribution winners are instantly shared with the corresponding advertising platforms to allow optimising of ad placements and frequency.

Achieving Google and Yahoo certification also means that our server infrastructure has met their requirements in terms of measurement accuracy, availability, response time and security. It was also highly important to comply with their stringent user privacy rules (which is aligned with our beliefs) that all data collected may not be associated with any personally identifiable information.

Find us and our clients on the vendor list for Google and Yahoo!