Change in behaviour of a column within data exports

What does this mean?

When exporting transaction data, the exports contain the column “internal_conversion_id”. Before this column used to contain varying unique values used internally by Ingenious Technologies. With this change, this column will be empty.

The behaviour of this column will be changed due to recent infrastructure improvements, which lead to the reporting speed up.

Which areas are affected?

On the Admin UI, Finance Transactions and Finance Export/Import are affected.

On the Partner UI, Reporting Transactions is affected.

When will this take place?

On the Admin UI, this behaviour has already been changed for Finance Transactions. As for Finance Export/Import, the change will take place on Monday, 6th November 2017.

On the Partner UI, this behaviour has already been changed for Reporting Transactions.

What should I do?

In most cases, this column does not affect your data, as it was meant solely for internal purposes of Ingenious Technologies. However, if you need a unique identifier, please use “conversion_uniqid” instead.


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