(Left to right) Christian Kleinsorge (CEO), Dr. Siamak Haschemi (Founder & Managing Director Qyotta), Eugen Becker (CTO)


It is official – Qyotta has joined our Ingenious family!

The acquisition of Qyotta UG, an innovative software development company in Berlin has taken place, and we’re pleased to share the same roof as our new colleagues moved into our Berlin office this week.

Led by Siamak, the Qyotta team has been established in 2012 and has since become a specialist in the areas of software development for cloud technologies, mobile applications and open source. The team of developers has gained an excellent reputation through its zest for innovation and agile development methodologies.


How did we get to know of each other?

That was a pretty unspectacular story. Our pre-sales team from Ingenious Technologies bumped into Qyotta during a sales pitch at a client’s office. Siamak had found the areas where we were focusing on very exciting. We went on to win the pitch with the clients and had also won Siamak over as a new friend and fan of our Ingenious Enterprise platform.

Since the first accidental meeting, we had become in frequent contact and Siamak became a familiar face in the office as he visited us more often. The other team members from Qyotta had also been in more regular contact with us at Ingenious Technologies, partly because of our joint client project and partly for professional exchanges. After a few weeks of talks, one thing was clear: Qyotta was a perfect fit for Ingenious Technologies.


What does this means for our clients and for us?

Those who know our CEO Chris could imagine that he is excited about the sharing of knowledge between Ingenious Technologies and Qyotta to come. “They are smart and ambitious developers, who are experienced in using the latest technologies and finding clever ways to develop software. It is a perfect complement to our team and a strategic step forward. I’m sure having these guys on board will allow us to extend the competitive edge of our platform Ingenious Enterprise very quickly and thereby the competitive edge of our clients.”

Our CTO Eugen agreed, “Qyotta has excellent specialists in Java and the latest web and cloud technologies. Not only will we benefit from this as a company, our platform and ultimately our clients will also benefit from this.”

Siamak also shared his excitement about joining the Ingenious family, “While we continue to remain an independent company in the market and to our clients, we will be able to scale better and become more professional as we take advantage of the synergies gained from this integration.”

We’re extremely pleased to have the Qyotta team with us and to be able to share expertise. Once again: Welcome to the Ingenious family, Qyotta!