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Weps Wins Martech Contest
A young Estonian company has won the Ingenious Technologies Start-up Contest. Weps, which makes use of artificial intelligence to analyse options and build a website in two minutes, was able to push through the competitors of this year’s contest and is now building up its business with the award-winning marketing technology together with the support of the Ingenious Technologies team.


4th January


3rd September

Hello data, goodbye guesswork – how attribution modelling raises marketing efficiency
Ingenious Technologies will be presenting the latest version of its award-winning technology platform Ingenious Enterprise at the upcoming dmexco tradeshow. The highlights include a new attribution manager that enables clients to configure and implement customised single and multi-attribution models by themselves. The new attribution manager makes use of the accurate omni-channel data collected in real-time as a reliable basis for clients to draw conclusions on the performance of their marketing activities across channels, partners and campaigns and simulate the changes via modelling. This serves as an important step in the direction of predictive marketing.


1st August

On a growth track: Ingenious Technologies AG acquires technology company Qyotta
The SaaS solution provider for marketing automation and business analytics Ingenious Technologies has acquired Berlin software development company Qyotta. Dr. Siamak Haschemi, who established Qyotta four years ago, has brought the company to the Ingenious Technologies Group. In pursuing a buy-and-build strategy to grow the company, Christian Kleinsorge, CEO of Ingenious Technologies AG, thereby strengthens its presence in the areas of software development for cloud technology, mobile applications and open source through the acquisition of Qyotta.


19th July

Ingenious Technologies Signs Top International Online Players as New Clients
Ingenious Technologies, the SaaS provider of marketing automation and business analytics, has signed numerous national and international players as new clients in the recent months. The well-known players that have chosen to work with the marketing technology developed by Ingenious Technologies include fashion giant Zalando, cashback provider weeCONOMY and LetsBonus, international auction house Catawiki, fashion retailers DePauli AG and, and many more. All of them share the same motive: They want their online marketing to be managed in-house and their marketing activities across all marketing channels to be centrally consolidated, analysed and optimised – independent of third party interests.


7th July

Ingenious Technologies wins „Best Performance Marketing Technology 2016” in Europe
Ingenious Technologies won “Best Performance Marketing Technology” in the European Performance Marketing Awards 2016 4th July in Amsterdam. The marketing technology provider came out on top against 11 other nominated technology providers from all over Europe and received the prestigious award. The decisive factor for the jury’s choice was the innovation and uniqueness of the marketing platform Ingenious Enterprise, which has an immediate effect on their clients’ businesses. This was substantiated by the submission of a case study of one of Ingenious Technologies’ clients active throughout Europe.


8th February

Get the 100% Mobile Picture through reliable Multi-Channel and Cross-Device Tracking
Goodbye isolated solutions and platforms! Gaining a comprehensive and 100% reliable picture of the customer journeys across all devices is crucial for an omnichannel strategy. Ingenious Technologies, the leading independent technology provider for business analytics and marketing automation, has integrated Adjust, a market-leading business intelligence platform for mobile apps, onto the latest version of the partner Marketplace on the Ingenious Enterprise platform. This integration is the stepping stone to allowing marketers to enrich their customer journey and business data in real-time by providing a comprehensive mobile ecosystemsc. The Ingenious Marketplace also makes it possible to speed up.

Kudos to you too, adjust!
adjust is the leading business intelligence firm for mobile apps. The international mobile tracking SDK provider enables clients to track and analyse in-app user behaviour.
That is why we at Ingenious have been working closely with adjust on developing an automatic integration of their system onto our Ingenious Enterprise platform. This collaboration means that any client using Ingenious Enterprise is now able to connect with adjust and see all their data (web, mobile and in app) on one single user interface. All of the collected data will be analysed by Ingenious Enterprise platform. Clients will therefore be able to see them in a combined user journey representation. In other words, clients can gain even more insights of their customers’ purchase behaviour.


24th November

Wie die Automatisierung von B2B-Kooperationen E‑Commerce befeuert
Mit Ingenious Marketplace stellt der Technologie-Anbieter Ingenious Technologies ein Eco-System vor, das vom Advertiser bis hin zum 3rd-Party-Service-Anbieter alle E-Commerce-Marktteilnehmer automatisiert und vorkonfiguriert verbindet. Dadurch kann der Vertrieb von eigenen Produkten und Services problemlos erweitert werden – ohne zeitraubenden manuellen Aufwand.
Für alle Kunden der Plattform Ingenious Enterprise ist eine Freischaltung über das User Interface möglich, interessierte Service Provider können sich über einen öffentlichen Zugang kostenfrei für die Teilnahme am Marketplace bewerben.


12th November

Safe Harbor: How Safe Is Your Data On Ingenious Enterprise?
On 6th October 2015, the European Court of Justice has declared the US-EU Safe Harbor agreement invalid. In other words, the level of data protection in the US is deemed unsafe for data from the EU to flow there.
This topic has been very important to us from the start. Particularly in this digital world, we believe it is an absolute no go to forsake personal morals for business gains. That is why we find it extremely important to create clear boundaries between collecting data and collecting personal data, as well as how to handle them.


21st October

Why Google Analytics Doesn’t Work for E-Commerce
Almost 30 million websites are presently being analysed by Google Analytics, and this figure is continuously on the rise. But when does it make sense to use this free tool? Ingenious Technologies recently published a white paper that identifies the weaknesses and limitations of Google Analytics, which e-commerce marketers should bear in mind when using it. The analysis was carried out by the technlogy provider based on international studies, own experiences as well as several tests conducted.


14th September

New Addition: Kalthofen is Head of New Business
Ingenious Technologies, the leading independent technology provider for business analytics and marketing automation, will be presenting its new service and pricing models at the Performance Marketing Insights in Berlin. For all new clients, there will now be a Try&Buy option to have a quick start in building up and benefitting from their own analytics and marketing automation platform. Even with this starter option, all new clients will gain access to all functionalities of Ingenious Enterprise, including comprehensive analysis and automation capabilities.


18th August

Ingenious Technologies takes the offensive – with unprecedented service and pricing models
Ingenious Technologies, the leading independent technology provider for business analytics and marketing automation, will be presenting its new service and pricing models at the Performance Marketing Insights in Berlin. For all new clients, there will now be a Try&Buy option to have a quick start in building up and benefitting from their own analytics and marketing automation platform. Even with this starter option, all new clients will gain access to all functionalities of Ingenious Enterprise, including comprehensive analysis and automation capabilities.


23rd June

Do It Like The Big Players – Take Online Marketing Into Your Own Hands
Always wanted to know how successful ecommerce players manage and optimize their online marketing? Visit the technology expert Ingenious Technologies at the Performance Marketing Insights (PMI) on 23rd and 24th June in Hotel Estrel, Berlin. Well-known international e-commerce players will be explaining how they have gained success through the use of efficient processes and technologies in numerous talks, panel discussions and also for the first time at the exhibition stand of Ingenious Technologies.


15th June

Maria de Lorenzo Alvarez as new CSO
To enhance its expansion plans, the internationally experienced Maria de Lorenzo Alvarez has been appointed the new Chief Sales Officer of Ingenious Technologies AG. This move emphasizes the global market orientation of the technology provider for business analytics and marketing orientation.


21st April

10.000€ Bonus für Online Werbetreibende
Ingenious Technologies, einer der führenden Anbieter von Business Analytics und Marketing Automation, startet auf der Online Marketing Rockstars Expo am 26. Februar 2015 eine Wechselbonus-Aktion der besonderen Art: Anlässlich der Vorstellung der neuen Ingenious Enterprise Edition mit völlig neuartigem Multi-Channel Tracking bietet der unabhängige Technologieanbieter einen einmaligen Wechselbonus im Wert von 10.000 € an.


25th February

Clients of Ingenious Technologies Drive the Growth of the Online Marketing Technology Provider
The impressive growth of the online marketing platform Ingenious Enterprise pushes on. Between March and December 2014, the number of tracked conversions on Ingenious Enterprise has again increased hundredfold.


7th January


28th August

Enterprise Edition Vorstellung auf der dmexco 2014 pdf
Erstmals gibt es für Unternehmen eine Plattform, die eine Komplettlösung für performance-orientiertes Marketing darstellt. Ingenious Technologies präsentiert auf der dmexco 2014 die neue Enterprise Edition für Multi-Channel Tracking, Partnership Management und Billing & Accounting, die Advertisern, Netzwerken und Publishern eine reichweitenunabhängige und flexibel einsetzbare Lösung zum effizienten Management aller Online Marketing-Kanäle bietet.


24th February

Cross Device Tracking Vorstellung auf der Mobile World pdf
Mit zunehmender Relevanz von Mobile Marketing und M-Commerce ist Cross Device Tracking ein fester Bestandteil des Multichannel Trackings geworden. Ingenious Technologies, unabhängiger Technologie Anbieter für Online Marketing und E-Commerce, kündigt auf dem Mobile World Congress in Barcelona die Verfügbarkeit seines kompletten Lösungsportfolios für die mobile Werbetreibenden an. Mit der Integration von mobile Marketing in Multichannel Tracking und Partnership Management haben Tablet, Smartphone & Co. ihren verdienten Platz in der Customer Journey, in allen Prozessen und in umfassenden Reports eingenommen…


4th February

Robert Schneider COO pdf
Ingenious Technologies erweitert sein Management Team. Zum 15. Februar übernimmt Robert Schneider die Funktion des Chief Operation Officers (COO). Damit untermauert das Unternehmen seine Position als Technologie- und Innovationsführer und baut die Service- und Kundenorientierung strategisch weiter aus.


17th January

CEO Statement zur Affiliate Krise pdf
Im Netz wird heiss diskutiert: Wie sieht Affiliate Marketing in Zukunft aus? Der Umsatz steigt und der Profit sinkt. So sieht Affiliate Marketing in Zeiten von Fraud, überholter Technologie, manueller Prozesse und falschem Business-Fokus aus. Zeit, dass mehr Transparenz und Flexibilität mit Partnership Management kommt….

Kapitalerhoehung pdf
Im Rahmen einer geplanten Finanzierungsrunde hat Ingenious Technologies einen Kapitalzufluss im 7-stelligen Bereich beschlossen. Die Kapitalmassnahme besteht aus einem Mischung von Eigen- und Fremdkapital….


4th October

Kreditech pdf
Namhafte Kunden starten in den kommenden Wochen mit internationalen Programmen und Netzwerken in den USA und in Europa.Zu den Neustartern gehört eines der prominentesten Unternehmen der Start-up Szene und auserkorener Liebling der Investoren: Kreditech, der Profi für Big Scoring Data, hat sich…


11th September

dmexco pdf
Für die dmexco 2013 bietet Ingenious Technologies ein besonderes Starter-Paket für Partnership Management an. Alle interessierten Advertiser können sich auf der dmexco am 18. und 19. September in Köln in Halle 6, Stand A041 registrieren und sich eins von zehn Packages im Wert von je 15.000 Euro …


30th August

Internetworld pdf
Neben den Modulen Partnermanagement und Multichannel Tracking ingenious.track soll das Partner-Abrechnungssystem durch seinen real-time Bezug den Markt revolutionieren. In Kooperation mit der internetbasierten Direktbank Fidor Bank wird diese automatisierte Lösung für einen schnellen und transparenten Beleg- und Geldaustausch …


25th March

Renaming pdf
Ein halbes Jahr nach dem Eintritt von Christian Kleinsorge als Investor und CEO bei der Performance Online Agentur Zieltraffic AG, vollzieht das Unternehmen seine Umbenennung in Ingenious Technologies AG und trennt die Geschäfte der Agentur vom Technologie Provider…


30th January

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