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GDPR and tracking opt-out

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) entered force in the EU a few weeks ago. Because the regulation is broad, businesses will often find it difficult (particularly in the marketing industry) to figure out whether they need to adjust the way they store and...

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Updated Partner Management to support GDPR compliance

Why would this interest me? We have fine-tuned the partner management workflow to ensure that the information collected from partners has been reduced, and the password creation workflow is updated to support an initial access password before enabling the partner to...

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GDPR and 3rd-party tracking

What is 3rd-party tracking? 3rd Party tracking is the implementation of tracking codes from your publishers via containers which are integrated on your website. There are two types which are the on-page tracking code (which tracks page-views) and the conversion...

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Supporting GDPR compliance within your organisation

As GDPR approaches, we want to support your GDPR rights while working with your marketing platform from our role as a Processor. (Article 28 GDPR) This includes ensuring that you have consent for the personal details you work with, that your right to edit the personal...

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